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By PeregrineTreks
If you are seeking to get away from the hectic life then holiday in Nepal would be an ideal solution. Come and be the part of Peregrine Treks team for trekking in Nepal exploring the Annapurna Circuit Trek.

The usual trekking in Annapurna region of Nepal starts from the Nayapul in Kaski district near Pokhara. This particular trekking starts from the ancient district Lamjung and ends at lake city Pokhara. The bus drives to the Jagate of Lamjung district along the Prithvi Highway. It would give you the hints of the rural Nepal. The actual walking in the trail starts from the Jagate of Lamjung. Modi Khola would accompany you for the most of your trekking uphill and downhill up the beautiful terrain. The amazing rural scent mixed with the folklore of the local community residing in this part of the region. It would give you an idea that world is a unique village of different cultural and traditional backgrounds.

The Annapurna circuit trek would take you to the most remote land of Nepal. Annapurna Round Trekking makes you witness the amazing villages of Gurung, Thakali, as well as Brahmin Chhetri. You can see the visual delights of the Annapurna Series, Fishtail, Ghorepani Poon Hill and the glacial rivers. You will walk on the world’s deepest gorge at Kaligandagi river valley.

Annapurna Circuit Trek goes around the Annapurna massif reaching the zenith at Thorong La Pass (5,416m/17,769ft). You also walk through the world’s deepest Kali Gandaki gorge with Annapurna I (8091 m.) toDhaulagiri 8163 m. Annapurna Circuit Trek trail pass the Tilicho Lake trekking at Manang and touches The Jomsong Muktinath Trekking at Muktinath.

Furthermore, the trail leading up to the lap of Annapurna presents unique paths. it ranges from lowland to the highland. The difference in the culture of people offers diversity. Because of geographical locations in every step of your glorious in Annapurna Circuit trek journey can be exciting. To summarize Annapurna Circuit Trek would hypnotize you and make you feel that heaven is in earth. Moreover, the amazing attractions like bulk of snow in mountain, waterfall, rivers, green lush forests would rekindle the romanticism inside you. Peregrine Treks would like to assure all the trekkers. Specifically, Annapurna Circuit Trek would be definitely your prized memory. You will share to your upcoming generations with pride.

Moreover, join the team of Peregrine Treks. Accordingly, witness the majestic Pokhara. Beacause of lake and caves Pokhara is amazing place to be. Cherish the unique hospitality and culture of Nepalese People. Annapurna circuit trek relish the spectacular mountains. Feel the adventure in Nepal.
Shrijana Kumal
Hi Digital Nomad Friends :) I saw this post and had to share. This was by far the best trek of my life, and thrilled to share this experience. A lot of people asked us what the conditions of the trail and guest houses were like as we did it 1 year after the big earthquake. Without hiring guides or porters, our total expenses worked out to $800 usd (for 2 people) for the entire trip. Most guest houses have us free lodging if we eat both dinner and breakfast there.

We wrote a full post showing you our exact route https://laptopwarriors.com/travel/annapurna-circuit-trekking-guide/where we tracked our GPS altitues every day. Our 14 day itinerary below is based on completing the trek counter clockwise. You can complete it clockwise but it is not suggested as the last day summit from Mutikanh to High Camp is much more difficult.

Ice Lake on Annapurna Circuit Laptop Warriors
Annapurna.jpg (7.93 KiB) Viewed 937 times
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