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By jack.bates
So the allure of digital nomad has been growing and growing for me. I have always loved travel and aspire to see the world. When I learned about the digital nomadic life I was hooked instantly and determined to become one. As I research I wonder little things here and there. They mostly center around surviving and thriving on the road. I'm interested what everyone can add to answer these questions...so here are some of mine. Feel free to add more questions or especially answer.
What do you do with your wet towel when you are in a hostel?
Do you carry toilet paper? Are there specific countries where you should?
What other personal care items are essential?
What has been the most helpful thing you brought with you that you didn't expect?
How do you handle if you end up coming down with something along the way? (assuming you are short term in lots of different places...
If you want to order online have you had issues or do you just avoid it completely?
What are the hardest things to find in certain countries?
What do find yourself replacing and how often? if anything...
Did you set a goal for how long you want to live the lifestyle or just go with it?
How long until it felt like normal life to live that way?
Does the magic fade over time?
Is there a good bank that works globally? I've read Charles Schwab is good with no fees
Do you stick with cash or credit most places?
What are the most unexpected upsides of nomadic life? Biggest unexpected drawbacks?
How much reserve did you start with, what I mean by that is, how long would your savings cover you without any income?
How accurate are "cost of living" sites? I know it can vary by lifestyle
What did you have to give up that you miss?
I'm sure digimads (as I like to call them) come from all walks of life but what ages are most common? Do you find it socially acceptable at any age?

Well, those are my random questions, what answers do you have?
Ha, I've read quite a few tips and tricks but I'd say top three:

What were the three best and worst unexpected things about nomad lifestyle?

Which countries provided the most challenges in regards to adjusting?

How realistic are "cost of living" sites?

Didn't mean to get long-winded, I tend to ramble...
What were the three best and worst unexpected things about nomad lifestyle?

- falling in love
- quiting drinking
- discovering I like being nude a lot! lmao

- Getting sick in foreign countries
- Missing friends and family
- Working too much again

Which countries provided the most challenges in regards to adjusting?

- Myanmar, India, Guatemala

How realistic are "cost of living" sites?

- They can be pretty realistic. Even better, join local Facebook groups (relative to the location you're interested in) and ask there
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