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By shan

I'm Raj, 27, Working as a Digital Marketer, Sports Enthusiastic, Fun Loving, Hungry person to learn new things everyday, My objective is to spread love and Happiness to the world.
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By camila.bousquet
Hi, I'm Camila, from Ottawa, Canada. I've loved travelling since I was little and believe that everyone should be given a fair shot at working online from where they want to be. I'm passionate about helping communities, in particular students and entrepreneurial minds.
I recently decided to work at GenM, which offers experience for people who are looking to learn and attain experience as a digital marketer, which is one of the hottest jobs for digital nomads. We're looking to grow and help as many people get the experience they need to build their credibility in the industry and make great connections with business owners!
My goal is to skip out on cold Canadian winters :shock: and work online!
Hi everyone! I'm Anastasia, Berlin-based yogi, teacher, and now - a founder & manager of the Berlin Yoga Conference. I'm new to the whole digital nomad concept, but with my new project I came to appreciate how much work can be done with just some passion and discipline, a laptop, a smart phone, and Internet connection.

My dream would be to travel more, be able to live in different location around the world while maintaining my work flow, and to keep on meeting amazing people from all over. Happy to become a part of the community! :D
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By JF941
Hi there! My name Is Jacob, Im 20 years old and I want to travel, but Im also a very hard worker. My personality is I always need something to do, weather it be for free or for cash. The other side of my personality loves to travel! So thats why Im here, Ive been told you can do both.

I love fitness, helping people, food, history, geography and anything that involves people really.
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By schaumby
Hi my name is Eric Schaumburg, I'm a nomadic entrepreneur originally from KC and living throughout the southeastern US - currently just landed in Savannah, GA. It's just me, my girlfriend who works for a tech company in LA, and our Shih Tzu puppy Sam Simon. I'm most recently/actively the founder of Eventrio, 7pt5 Design and an event tech think tank called TENTPOLE. I'm hoping to connect with other nomads in Savannah from April-May. Then off to Spain.
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By jskumar

I am Sreekumar, an HR turned Analyst. I have more than fifteen years service in business analysis, human resources, specifications, and consulting. I have been doing content work including executive profiles, specifications, requirements documents, software specifications, user manuals, presentations, etc. since 2004

I was working full time until May 2017 and currently focusing on a startup and organic farming. However enjoy working at least a few hours, a day, in digital space.

This seems to be a good place to collaborate, thanks.
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By Varsha Shetty

I am 33 yrs old working as a consultant for a Digital Marketing with about 10 years of work experience. This work is done remotely and I cater to mostly US clients. I love travelling and do couple of places on my own every year. Need a forum where I can combine the thing I love to do - travel and be able to fund for myself when doing that. Aim - Travel the remotest parts on the planet and share the good that we all have with others.

Things i like to do - Walking about and getting lost:), cooking and making travel plans for others.
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By judi.munoz
Hello everyone, I am Judi Munoz. I flip houses in Texas. I can remain doing this while I am anywhere in the world because my crew is in the DFW area. I just learned of the word Digital Nomads as I posted on FB today that I was going to start to travel to find a beach that makes me happy while I work on my computer. I would like someone to let me know where have you worked from and I have a place in Dallas, TX I can offer up as well.
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By Cade
Hi All! My name is Cade and I'm planning on joining the ranks of other digital nomads this fall. I currently work for a small but established digital marketing firm, and we've recently decided to redesign our internal structure to accommodate all of us who want to travel and explore this amazing world. Always looking for pointers. :D
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By LoladeAjai
Hi, i'm Lola. I'm an interior designer and high performance, skincare formulator.

I am looking forward to learning how to get on board with going digital nomad. I love travelling and being able to do both would be an absolute dream!
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By PolyMathew
My name is Mathew and in June I plan on getting a van and becoming a travelling photographer. Living in a van has been a dream of mine for years and now that I'm single, I figured there's no better time!
I'm on here because clearly you all know what you are doing and I'd love to have some insight. I know I romanticize things a lot so I am hoping to acquire the knowledge necessary to make an informed decision and see if this is indeed what I actually want.
I'm looking forward to chatting with you all!
Thank you very much!
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By sethshrp
Hi My Name Is Seth, I do online marketing and I'm currently living in Medellin. I arrived 1 month ago and I'm slowly figuring out the city, finding my places, and doing a daily vlog on the experience. Joined the group to meet other Nomads and find out what works for them, let them know what works for me.
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By hikinggearlab
Felixcb wrote:Thanks you sir Im thinking about to translate them into English but its a lot of work

Hi Felix,

Actually, Translation is not required nowadays. Most of the browsing bars like google chrome is offering a provision to translate to required languages. To an extend it will help the readers. Google's free translator will translate from any language to required language.
Best wishes. :) :) :)
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