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Hi All,

I'm new to the forum - I have a young blog and wanted to do a post about how travel bloggers combat homesickness while travelling. I'm looking for quirky tips or ideas that you employ when the homesick bug bites. Any ideas will be very much appreciated.

All the best and a happy new year!

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By Robert O'Kruk
Hi Kat!

Homesickness is definitely a big challenge for digital nomads. Also, welcome to the forum! :)

For me I think I battle homesickness with the following tactics:

- Skype my parents, siblings and friends
- Facebook interactions with my friends
- Look forward to a yearly visit (if budget and schedule permits)
- Distract myself with new friends. Go on free tours offered through hostels, use Couchsurfing Hangouts, talk to people you meet out and about

Are these points a perfect solution...no! But digital nomadism usually has trade offs when compared to the life we're accustomed to at home. I hope this helps :)

Share the article when it's done!
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Hi Robert,

Thank you so much for your reply. Those are some great tips. Do you mind if I quote you in the article and then put in a link to the Digital Nomads Forum?

Thanks again,

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By martin-martin
I've come to understand that "homesickness" is (at least in my case) to a large extent a wish for just any kind of home-ish place.

That is, after living outside for a while, I start to miss the possibility to sleep in without needing to get up early in order not to be discovered where I sleep etc.
Or after traveling and moving a lot, the wish to just stay still at a space, get to know the surroundings and all.

I have changed my traveling over the past years and now usually go to places and stay there for a while. I think a great way to account for that "feeling of home" is in how you create the space around yourself. E.g. find places that you like (a pretty view off a hill for example) and go for a run there every day.

Being at home for me has the aspects of feeling safe and comfortable where I am, not stressed or hurried, and to also enjoy the place in various aspects.

There are multiple ways this can be achieved, and I think that "going back home" isn't necessarily the best solution - it might account for that feeling, but sometimes also not. It really depends how your home is, and how you left it when you left.

I believe that feeling "homesick" is often an indicator that you are missing some peaceful aspect, or some security, that you might have at home.
So the way I try to think about it is to consider what might be the cause (what am I currently lacking), and then find ways to get more of that where I currently am.

And yes, sometimes it's also nice to go back home : )
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By quinbee
It sometimes depends on how close knit your family is. It is ideal to regularly communicate with your family in your home country. Explore the country that you're in. Planning for a visit back home is motivating too. Make new friends and keep yourself busy.
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