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By youyak
My cousin and I (two young women) took the tour from Marrakech to Fez, 4 days and 3 nights. The tour goes south and east from Marrakech into the desert / Sahara, and then back up to Fez on the last day. I would have never found the experiences that came from this tour on my own, and to have a kind, knowledgeable local take us around the desert and then between cities and allow us to experience authentic Moroccan food, culture and people is invaluable. Personally this is my first time in Morocco and Northern Africa, so I certainly benefited from this personal guided tour!

First- a major plus for me is that I emailed frequently with Youssef before arriving in Morocco to coordinate the tour and logistics; Youssef was extremely responsive and helpful via email, which is a huge win in my eyes. He is very kind, speaks English well, and I believe he offers very fair prices and answers all questions I had.

Our guide in Morocco was Yidir; he was extremely kind and respectful, while also very entertaining and fun! He taught us Berber and Arabic phrases, told us fun and interesting personal stories and taught us a ton about Moroccan culture and history. Yidir made my cousin and I feel very safe (which can sometimes be an issue in this country I understand) and definitely gave us an authentic experience in this country. Most importantly, Yidir taught us how to negotiate prices (a MUST in this country!) and stood up for us when needed when shopping- to me this is above and beyond for a tour guide and I cannot emphasize enough how much we appreciated this and how advantageous it can be to have a local on your side during these excursions. Yidir is from Merzouga (and speaks English well!), and the two days spent there with him was so fun as he is familiar with (and often friends with) the nomad & Berber families you meet; it is truly a look into the real life of the Moroccan desert people.

This tour includes a camel trek into the Sahara (you are on a camel approximately 1-1.5 hours to the camp grounds- I would not recommend any longer on a camel as you get very sore!) and a night under the stars with authentic and kind Berber people who live in the desert but happily host you for a night. This experience is a MUST when traveling to Morocco!

One small thing to point out- wifi in the desert is spotty, so don't expect to have constant internet connection while out in the desert. It's understandable - you're in the desert, after all- just wanted to note to not expect it in case that's an issue for you!

Many thanks to Sahara Desert Crew, and specifically Youssef and Yidir! I look forward to my next Moroccan adventure with this crew!
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