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By Robert O'Kruk
What's up guys! Just curious about the classic debate as it relates to digital nomads. Mac vs PC? Where do you weigh in? Which works best for you?

I know while travelling I have overwhelmingly seen more digital nomads on Mac's, and I am on one too. I use the 2015 Macbook Pro, but wish I got the air because it's lighter and has better battery life. I don't really need the extra power for what I do.

Let's hear it!

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By Herbst
IMO thats easy.

* Do you want to work outside?
* Do you want to best possible battery life even after half a year?
* Do you want the very best hardware pieces?
* Do you want to be able to replace/upgrade hardware?

Then dont get a Mac. I take OSX over Windows every day but IMO macbooks are more than suboptimal for the average nomad. I have a pimped thinkpad that not only does feel faster (Because i was able to upgrade it with the best RAM & SSD i could found, both are the typical bottlenecks today, not CPU) but even has better battery life than i had on my 2015 MBP after half a year of use.

Based on that i have 14+ hours battery i dont take my charger with me, therefore it is even lighter than my MBP was.
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By hostnomad
I've got the Microsoft Surface Pro and in my opinion is the best option available. Powerful, light, excellent battery.
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By Robert O'Kruk
Yah I was super sceptical about the Microsoft Surface Pro. Always thought tablets kind of suck. But I tried one recently and was really impressed. Would definitely consider one in the future once they get a little more mature.
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By martin-martin
I'm using a Macbook Air 2013. Bought it second hand, too. It's been serving me super well for more than two years now already! : )
I like very much how light it is. It's easy to take around and there's something about having a sleek-looking mac laptop that I've come to appreciate during my times of living (voluntarily) homeless:
Wherever you are, if you have a Macbook that you're working on, you are much less publicly perceived as being homeless than you are with a more generic gray-black notebook. However, this might be a niche-benefit that doesn't apply to all that many people ; ) - plus having a newer non-mac-laptop could probably provide for feature that as well.

- battery life is great IMO
- full sunshine is indeed not perfect (but I anyways prefer to sit in the shadow if I work on something)
- very light

So for now I'm pretty happy with what I have : )
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