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By tina_YonderWork
Hi all! I am currently doing some B2B engagement remotely. I was wondering if anyone does similar work and if you had tips to swap? I mainly am reaching out via email and need advice on how to sound less "automated" - I also understand that people's time is valuable and want some advice on how to engage with others. Thanks! :D
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By JessyBell22
Hey Tina! I've done a fair amount of B2B outreach so I'll share some tips!

- Use an outreach platform/tool such as Ninja Outreach - https://ninjaoutreach.com/ to help automate and reduce the time with some of the more tedious aspect of this work

- For B2B, focussing on making a connection with your key contacts well in advance of actually trying to get them to help out with your own project is very helpful. Eg. Share some awesome and relevant content with them, ask a question about something. Start a discussion with them that's unrelated to your ultimate goal. The longer you can keep this conversation going, the better. You can also engage with the content they are sharing (if available) so you can get your name in their minds.

- When you are ready to reach out about your end goal, don't send them a cookie cutter template email. Continue the conversation you've already started and mention what you're up to and invite them to connect / help out. Don't push your agenda down their throats. Tailor your message based on your conversation and the unique individual. You can have some form of a template / an outline of the info you want to share, but definitely don't use a strict template.

^These approaches definitely increase the amount of time you spend with each contact, but also drastically increase the conversion rate of people who actually work with you or support whatever it is you're working on.

Hope this helps! :)
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By ZacharyBurt
I use the tool streak.com. That way when I build a list, I can automatically insert their name and their company name into the email seamlessly. I therefore address each one personally in tone rather than as a bulk email blast, but with streak mail merge, I can massively increase my efficiency as long as I spend a few minutes properly preparing a CSV for import ahead of time.

My most recent email blast was 250 emails (same form letter, just with names inserted) and resulted in 3%+ response rate (so far). In fact I am so swamped dealing with replies and next steps that I don't have time to contact the list again yet. This of course happens when your offering is a good match for the urgent needs of the business; the strategy does NOT work if they do not truly need what you're offering.

I did the same thing recently for booking podcast interviews...
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