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By NomadicAdmin
Before diving into the life of a Digital Nomad it makes sense to do some research into the challenges of your new life. We gotchu. Digital Nomadism is a super cool way to explore the world indefinitely, make your dollar go further, and meet amazing people.

Here are some common challenges that Digital Nomads usually face. Have you had other challenges as a Digital Nomad? Share them in the forum. Help a nomad out.

1. Loneliness
Digital Nomads can often experience loneliness. There are a lot of things you can do to combat this (like joining groups and forums like this one!)

2. Discipline
But you can have it all and answer a few emails on the beach and you’re done right? Hmmm no, because SAND. And also, most digital nomads don’t work only 1 hour a week (or 4 hours a week). A lot of nomads are entrepreneurs, freelancers, or remote employees who have a lot of stakeholders that they need to be accountable too.

When you’re meeting other travellers and hanging out, having to cut a day short to go work can really be put a damper on your fun. Having the discipline to do it is a real challenge that you should be prepared for. Spending a few days a week at co-working spaces can really help you be in an environment that you can focus on. It also provides…

3. Wifi & Internet Access

This puts the “digital” in “digital nomad”. Unfortunately, you’re hooked on the wifi. When you’re booking a hotel room and it says “free-wifi” don’t get too excited, because you really have no idea how good it’s going to be. Trying to do certain types of work on dial-up speed or working on a deadline? Welcome to stress-ville, population, one stressed out Digital Nomad.

What do you find are the biggest challenges of life as a digital nomad?
WiFi & Internet Access is definitely a struggle. I combat this by upgrading my usual accommodation for somewhere nice enough to work from home most of the day. I find I actually save on the endless coffees and cross off my to-dos quicker. It doesn't help with loneliness though!

Building contacts is another one that I find to be difficult. Back when I worked in an office I felt like I was drowning in LinkedIn requests and networking events. However, now that I am travelling it is a little more difficult to build contacts on a day-to-day basis.
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By laurie_awe
The biggest challenge for me has been figuring out where to park where they won't bug me. Much of my traveling has been done in a pickup with a campershell. This next excursion I plan to upgrade to an RV. To solve the internet issue I invest in a Verizon JetPack. Only trouble is you have to pay by the data you use. But at least you know you will have reliable service most places you go to, in the USA which is where I am doing my traveling now. Next year I will invest in a Passport.
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By CarolWLA
Definitely wifi and the internet for me although it does vary depending on where I am. Big cities, I can usually find reasonable wifi somewhere but head off the beaten path and it can be tricky.

When I first started, I thought discipline would be a problem but actually, I find the opposite. It's not like turning up at an office where you can cruise through the day. It's all on me to earn my income, so I find I kind of work harder.
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By chunsa
I just moved to an island here in the Philippines and sometimes its hard to find a reliable, Wi-Fi connection. I do have my pocket Wi-Fi that I bring along with me during travels (I pay a monthly bill for it) but there are times when it's not working in certain places.

I meet friends along the way so being lonely is not an issue.
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By GoMilena
For me, it's motivation to work :D There are days when I am fully focused on something, but there are also days when I feel like doing nothing. Ok, I know that everybody needs a break, but what if the break lasts for longer than it should? Sometimes I wish I had a boss over myself. Or at least some collegues :)
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By quinbee
I pretty much was able to overcome loneliness and made more friends along the way when I've become a digital nomad, although some social sacrifices are to be taken here and there. Have also gained the discipline to organize my tasks as I've experienced losing a lot of money due to poor time management and lack of discipline. The biggest struggles for me are getting a reliable wifi and internet in the places I visit so need to have some research on the credible ISP's in the area, and yet another challenge is not really getting the speed that I've expected! Also, missing the important occasions with family and friends back home. I love being a digital nomad but I constantly need to find ways on how not to get burnt out and to stay motivated with this type of work.
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By StephenLam
I recently quit my corporate job back in the US and I've been backpacking through Asia. I have 4-5 years of database admin and database development experience but I've been struggling to win some project bids on freelance and finding an employer who is willing to accept a remote employee for this type of work (which kind of surprises me).

Are there any other database developers out there that have any tips on how they started out before becoming a digital nomad?
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By CameronM
Hi Stephen! It is best to create profiles on various online platforms. Make sure that you have created a portfolio of your relevant experiences. Being open to job opportunities, other than the tasks that relate to database development will also widen your options. It is also ideal that you go to a place which is a certified digital nomad hotspot so you'd be able to meet other digital nomads and freelancers who may give you insights and referrals, that will certainly help you in your journey. I'm sure that with your patience and hard work, you'd be able to land the job that you want. Best of luck! :)
I recently wrote an article on some of the things I've found since working 100% remote, I've not attempted to become a Digital Nomad entirely but I definitely make time to work from somewhere other than my flat from time to time as it's important to get out there and see the world.

I think it's clear that we often encounter similar issues in our lives due to our choices to work remotely and potentially shut ourselves away from the rest of the world; which wouldn't be the case if we were forced to commute to an Office and interact with people in person.

If you're interested in seeing what my experiences have been like in the past 2 years it's all here: https://blog.sneek.io/why-working-remot ... 2e89eeca83
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By nicole.orr
Personally, I most struggle with the lack of romantic opportunities. Unless you settle somewhere for at least a year or more, there isn't time to really get involved with anyone. Sure, there's time for dates, but even then I'm not sure how people seek those out.

On the flip-side, I'm just not home long enough to do any relationship hunting there either. I'm gone too fast.

My question for the digital nomads of the world would be: don't you wish you could be in a relationship sometimes? How do digital nomads meet each other long enough to discover whether they have the chemistry to be together?
I'd say that my biggest challenge would be maintenance of daily routines and healthy biorhythm. Most my trips include frequent manifestation of "excitements", which is certainly a good thing, but it also acts as a distracter and hinders efforts of establishing and maintaining a set of my routines. In that situation, I seldom become less productive and organized than I should be.

So, I face continuous struggle to keep my daily routines and habits "under control".
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