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By Kat
Hi, I'm Kat, 24 years old girl from Coventry, UK. I work in a clothing store part time. I'm really intrigued with the idea of being a digital nomad. Right now, I'm just discovering my potential which could help me in the journey. :oops:

Robert O'Kruk wrote:Welcome! You have some awesome goals and you should know they are totally feasible. Here's some forum threads that might be helpful to you:

- Guide To Being a Digital Nomad - http://digitalnomadsforum.com/viewtopic.php?f=27&t=383

- How To Find Location Independent Work - http://digitalnomadsforum.com/viewtopic.php?f=17&t=104

- Top 5 Remote Job Finding Platforms - http://digitalnomadsforum.com/viewtopic.php?f=17&t=35

Basically the main priorities I would invite you to explore is nailing down exactly the type of work you want to do, find the people already doing it remotely, figure out how they get their work and then put the work in to make it happen for yourself. Our community is here for you with any specific questions you have along the way! :)

Thanks for the head start. I will go through these threads. Any other quick advice? :idea:
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By ElectroNomadic
Hello fellow nomadic folks!
My name is David and I am a huge tech junky and about to setup a GoFundMe Campaign to help launch my Nomadic Documentary. Once I get the funds I will be doing daily YouTube videos and blog posts on tech how to's and different ways to make money remotely while on the road. My blog is here Nomad Blog if you wish to follow. I will be documenting the whole build and then turn into a multi part documentary while traveling. My channel and blog will also be populated with tours of other nomadic homes on wheels and even tiny houses.
I hope to become good friends with everyone here and so far looks like a great place to be able to collaborate.
My interests and hobbies include Blogging, Web Development, Marketing, SEO, Helping people online with websites etc, Gadget/Tech junky and more.
*Tips hat :D
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By silvia.frigerio

My name is Silvia, Italien leaving in Germany, I am 34 years old and work at Birkenstock taking care of the online shop customer experience - so I am pretty digital and international :) However I am not a nomad yet and would like to become one - as well we offer my expertise mostly in terms of UX and project management
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By Patrik Janko
Hi Robert and everyone else who will read this. :)

First of, I am really looking forward to gain a lot of info here and appreciate to have the 'who are you' here. I work with Business Development and am an expat and traveler for 13 years. Now, I turned my attention to Blockchain and that is why I am looking for all the hubs, forums and communities. I understand the great demand of qualified developers as well as lack of them so I am looking to create an opportunity to learn for everyone. I already started with Blockchain for Business (non-technical) and it was received well in EU and GCC. I want to however deliver masterclasses for developers (Cosmos Network, Code your ICO, Solidity language, Ethereum, etc.)

I hope to learn, who exactly would benefit from the Blockhain for developers (Company or individual) and how should I move forward with this idea.

Thanks a bunch and all the best,

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By kim.roach
Hi, I'm Kim. I am extremely curious about the digital nomad lifestyle. It's something I've been think about for years and am now taking much more seriously.

About myself:
I grew up traveling my whole life (having moved to another country every 2-3 years). After I graduated back in 2014, I moved to Cape Town, South Africa and worked at a hostel for a few months. When I returned back to the States from that trip, I knew I wasn't ready to settle. So, I moved to Australia for a year on a working holiday visa. I was also able to travel Southeast Asia and some of Europe. Now, I am living in NYC and have been working a 8:30am-6:30pm (yes those hours are real) job in recruitment for the past 2 years. I am done. I want to go back to traveling and working again.

I understand that I need to develop the right skillsets and familiarize myself with the online/freelancing world before jumping on a plane. At the moment I don't have any time to myself with my full-time job working such ridiculous hours to do this research. So, I am planning to bartend as my main source of income while learning and researching how to become a digital nomad.

The only online/remote role I've had so far, is that I am running the social media marketing platforms for 3 of my friends businesses. These projects are extremely new and I am doing it for free just to really teach myself how to run the entire social media marketing for businesses and hopefully be able to apply this skillset to a paying job.

I guess, my question here is..what advice do you have for someone in my spot? I am very new to this, but very serious about it!

I appreciate your time and any advice you may have.
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By NickyM
HI Everyone!

I am Nicky, originally from Russia, living in Australia. Love Love Love coworking spaces, was in Hubud in Bali and Work station plaza in Moscow. Bali is my favourite destination! Is anyone agreed with me? I am into Amazon Fba and Merch :ugeek:
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By ara0655
Hi, my name is Ara, I am an American living in Italy. I am 60 years old working as an online affiliate now for two years. I had some momentum, but not steady. I love swimming so when my husband and I go on vacation we always look for an island where we can swim all day. We are now thinking on starting a digital nomad lifestyle. We have a product that we are planning on launching to help digital nomad overcome the scarcely of running into low cash. That is one of the reasons. Another reason is to find out what are their challenges, frustration, and struggles. Everyone just talks about their trips, but how are they surviving they need to earn some money, how are they doing it? Whatever they are doing to survive they must promote whatever they are selling. I love to have some feedback on my questions. ;)
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By AdrianL
Hi all,
I am Adrian and I currently live in Los Angeles Area. I've been in the online marketing industry for a few years and I've experienced ups and downs financially. I am a member of coworking space in the LA country area but I've decided to quit because my current apartment is so peaceful and inspiring. Now I can cook or play my guitar when I need to take a break from work. I'm delighted that I moved to this apartment unit because the previous one caused me mental and physical nightmares for many years. I also love to work from coffee shops and bookstores around Los Angeles area.
I feel I am back to square one as a digital nomad because I won't be chained to any office now.
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By JamesBarns
Hi I'mJames.
Been living as a digital nomad for the last 4 months and loving it so far.
Make small side projects from time to time but always looks for new ideas to make sure I can keep exploring new places.
Looking forward to chatting with you all! :)
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NaNoNaNo Newguy here; greetings Wanderers. I am a gypsy lawyer. I migrate between the hubs of the Document Review industry, in a sort of Indian-follows-buffalo sort of life. I concentrate my Work into bursts of high hour high output "cranking". The time budget during theses bursts allows for little more than sustenance and the costs of the necessities of survival are to be minimized.

Enter my new-to-me 2000 Toyota Sienna. There are 130 klicks on its odometer. these units go 250 routinely so I am set for transpo and basic shelter for the foreseeable future. Now to optimize The Show a tad beyond "basic". I have minimalist/maximizing proto-plans evolving as data dictates. Maybe It'll turn into a YouTube for 1st Timer Vanners.

I look forward to your observations and insights as a source of that data..

Happy Trails

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By cvolks36
Hey everyone! My name is Colin and I'm a 20 year old college sophomore pursuing a degree in English and Journalism with a minor in Communications currently in Los Angeles. I am working as a freelance writer right now and my dream is to take on enough clients to be able to travel and live in Bali for a few months, before moving onto Chiang Mai. I love talking to people about travel plans and where the best places to go are. Also, if you or someone you know are in need of a writer, let me know!
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By kwibbles
Hey hey! Kyle here.

I've been a freelance front end developer for a little over 4 years now. I joined this amazing lifestyle of a digital nomad about 5 months ago when my girlfriend decided she wanted to do travel nursing, so we're on the move every 3 months or so. Previously we lived in Chicago and got the bulk of my work from agencies and word of mouth. Living in new cities every few months provides a challenge for me seeking new clients and over all work in general, but it also pushes me to try new things and offer new services.

I've primarily been a WorpPress Developer for the bulk of my freelance career, but also experienced in Email(marketing, development, setup), business development for smaller-midsize businesses, content writing, customer service/support, and a bunch of other work!

Excited to join this community and work with some of you, and or just help out!
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