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By Karen Finnin
Hi everyone,
My name is Karen Finnin and i am a Physiotherapist (or Physical Therapist). I lived in East Timor (near Indonesia) for a few years as my husband was working there. I opened a little Physio practice so that all of the expats could get their injuries looked after. When we were leaving East Timor, i felt sad that i could no longer help these people, so i started Online Physio, which provides online Physio consultations for people who are injured, but have trouble accessing traditional care.
I have really enjoyed the freedom that working from my laptop has given me. Just as well because my husband loves to find jobs in far off places!
I am really looking forward to all of the wonderful tips and advice that this group can offer, and am hoping i can give back by helping people who are trying to stay healthy and injury free while on the road...
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By Elias Arosemena
My name is Elias from Panama. Growth Hacker & Digital Marketing Strategist working remotely for a few startups and clients. Before working for startups I was marketing manager and PR for nightclubs, restaurants and hotels. Feel free to connect.
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By Technomadic
Hey! I'm Collin, and created an account under the company's name on mistake because I've been working nonstop for something like a week now... Anyways, I'm a full-time student at the moment with aspirations to get on the move in a few years, but I don't want to through my education (computer/electrical engineering) away either. I (very) recently started an online business looking to blog about and supply digital nomads and joined this forum to help learn more about the community. I'm looking for advice on how to make it in the market and trying to stay afloat in the web!
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By sean.mcgregor

My wife Lindsey and I are both Digital Nomads that have traveled a good deal - me 11 Countries - her 48(she’s dominating me).

We have both loved meeting people on our journeys so we have now created a place for us to live that allows us to get the same experiences without leaving:

The SWAP Loft - Stay Work And Play - Austin, Texas! [url]StayWorkAndPlay.com[/url]

The SWAP Loft is a CoLiving and CoWorking community with 3 locations in Austin, Texas - come check us out if you ever visit one of the best cities in the world!

We have also just welcomed our first child in November and plan to travel extensively with him while “Worldschooling” him. We are very interested in meeting other members that have traveled as a digital nomad family because we are intent on challenging the limiting belief that once you have a child, your travel days are done.

This community is amazing and we are so happy to have found it! We look forward to sharing all we have learned and learning from all of you - thanks again for putting this together!

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By Mavilde
Hi, my name is Mavilde, i'm 43 and i'm from Portugal e have a nomad spirit :) . I am an it engineer and left my job a few years ago and since then i've working independently in different spaces, at home, coffees, libraries, internet spots, etc. always in my country. I lived in many different cities Chaves, Braga, Lisbon, Setúbal and lastly in Porto for some years where i had a local accommodation and had many visitors for business purposes which led me to build an office at the accomodation to serve them.
Now i moved to the beautiful turistic village in the region Alto Minho, 1h from Oporto, called Ponte de Lima and have built a small and cosy co-working space in the city center.
This functions also as my office and "atelier", as besides being a trainer and consultant on IT i am also a textile artisan/tailoress and starting up on a project of clothing Upcycling, and handcrafted clothing, footwear and accessories.

I love to meet people from all over the world and exchange knowledge and experience.
I joined this forum so i can meet digital nomads who might want to come here and work with us and learn what you might need or find important in a co-working space so i can improve. And also to make myself available for any directions or help you might need if you choose to come to this beautiful village.

You can find more information in the website (http://limaguestoffice.manipura.pt)
And about he city Ponte de Lima in http://www.visitepontedelima.pt/en/
Thank You!
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By WazPinard

My name is Isabelle Pinard, I am a recent graduate from UCSD and right now I am traveling the world working in Social Media and Marketing and UX/UI design aiming to create my own marketing company eventually! If anyone needs help with their social media pages or needs a designer I would love to share my monthly prices or also talk about job opportunities!

Create a great day,

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By Dakohler
Hola todos! My name is Denae and I am a 24 year old from North Carolina, minus the southern twang (born and raised in Minnesota). I graduated from UNCG with a BS Biology. I was a collegiate vollebyall athlete at Taylor University for 3 years (got hurt and transferred to UNCG). I am a co-owner of a horse farm that raises an endagered breed, the Shire. I'm a lover of the outdoors, camping, hiking, kayaking, you name it. I have traveled to the London, Paris, Rome, Madrid, Mexico, Canada, and obviously the USA.

I have a bit of gypse heart and love getting out and about. I, like many others, want to get away from the 9-5 grind and set my own schedule. I have a self-motivate and self-starter attitude, so the nomadic/online life will be perfect for me. I am a writer, a reader, and a story teller. I'd love to be a paid writer, freelance or contracted. I know social media and social media marketing. I am a positive people person who is focused and very goal oriented. I am currently teaching myself web development. I am looking for remote work and am willing to learn anything you need for me to be what you are looking for.
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By HarmoniePoirier
My name is Harmonie. I graduated university with an honors bachelors of arts in May and have been travelling ever since. I backpacked SE Asia for a few months, worked in Taiwan, and now I am in Australia. My goal while here is to figure our how to create profit online to sustain myself through more travel in Asia. Any advice and help is much appreciated :)
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By clement.romeas
Hi there!

My name is Clement. I'm a technical support engineer working on an exciting coworking and coliving project in the mountains (French Alps). Before I set it up, I'm nomading around Europe to get as much feedback as I can about it.
Happy to help when I can and chat with you about coworking, coliving or anything else!

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By tdutton
Hi there,

My name is Tabitha. I am on my last year before graduating with my bachelors in Marketing. I truly have a passion for traveling but realistically don't feel comfortable traveling full time unless I have a stable remote position. I am married to a wonderuful man that is a computer nerd. I feel he could easily find a remote tech position if needed.

I am currently a Resource and Digital Marketing Coordinator for a Medical Staffing Firm. I manage the company's social media platforms, writes blogs and their email marketing. I would really like to do something like this as a remote traveler. I have about one year of experience though so I don't have a lot experience under my belt. I also started my own blog this past fall and it's taken off, but hasn't made me any money yet and I don't want to ever rely on that for my income (at the moment). Is there anyone that would be looking for someone to grow within their company but someone that doesn't necessarily have a lot of marketing experience under their belt. I could use some recommendations. I want to travel so bad that I have thought about teaching ESL abroad once I graduate, but that's not really my passion like marketing is. Any recommendations?
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By fraser
Hi nomads!

I'm Fraser. Digital nomad for a few years now, travelling and working between Spain/Portugal and Asia. I am settling back in London for the next 6 months (where I'm originally from).

Depending on what day of the week it is I'm either a designer, a developer or entrepreneur. A few years ago I co-founded Nickelled (http://www.nickelled.com), a SaaS platform. And this year I've got some new ideas I'm going to be launching for the nomad community.

A friend and I are now running the London Digital Nomad Meetup each month (the second Wednesday).

Can't wait to meet more of you.

Happy travels!
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By pixelmix
Hi all - I'm a NY'er staying in Taipei at the moment. Writer, Filmmaker - site is here: https://dravani.wixsite.com/engage - I'm looking for nomad work in media or as a teacher (NY STate licensed teacher - I can also teach photography and film online or locally as well. Looking forward to working, hearing of your various experiences and recommendations! I only recently fond out there is a name for what I've been most of my life! Digital Nomad! Like it. Better than "Barely Vagabond". Let's talk!
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By jacky7781
It's me Jacky and just joins this forum. Hope will be a nice way to talk with other travelers. I am also a big fan of traveling and belongs to Manhatten.
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By celeste.graeff
I'm Celeste and my husband, son, and I live in an RV and are traveling and homeschooling. I was a teacher for 16 years, but decided I wanted a technological career because that has always been my passion along with helping others understand difficult information more clearly.
I'm currently a Technical Writer and Instructional Designer. I'm looking for a position that is 100% remote to help us continue traveling and educating our son.
It seems that companies are taking away remote options more and more often. Is anyone else experiencing this? If so, why is this happening? Am I just looking in the wrong field? Perhaps there is a field that is more remote-friendly? Let me know your thoughts!
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By MohdDanish
Let me twist it a little bit.
It's a Digital Nomad Platform, Right?
it's Obvious that I am a nomad but what I actually do is little more interesting. I am a growth hacker at Asia's largest Freelance Marketplace i.e. http://www.truelancer.com. I am the guy responsible for all the Digital Activity of this marketplace. I am also a freelancer and completed around 100s of project in last 12 months. This is the main source of my income and this is why I am here.
You can also find me over LinkedIn- https://www.linkedin.com/in/mohd-danish-ansari/
You can read my articles over here- https://www.truelancer.com/blog/author/danish/
I hope that's enough for today's introduction.
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