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By FluffyBlueCow
Good morning,
I'm simply a Freelancer with many skills and talents. My main focus is 3D Visualization, after trying multitude of other things, and after a career of being a Software Developer (80+ hours a week of constant stress wasn't worth it)

What I hope to gain out of this community? 1) Ideally, mentorship. South African culture is very backwards and I have nobody I can bounce ideas against or people who tell me that I'm doing everything wrong. (Learning that the hard way isn't very productive)
2) And to make friends who see the world as I do, for it's vast weirdness and experiences.
3) And hopefully be able to lend my talents and skills to help others.
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By deedrachavez
Hi Everyone!

My name is Deedra and I'm so happy that this forum exists. I've always wondered how people that can work from anywhere around the world do it and I want to be one of them! I plan to learn a lot and share what I learn or have learned with you all along the way.

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By HimalayanFootslog
Hii I am Vaibhav Verma. I am so happy that this forum exists! I love snow trekking, camping. I did many adventures in my life. Now I am an owner of travels company. Where I teach the people and take them to some moderate trek. I love my passion. Himalayanfootslog is my company name. Himalayan is mountain situated in India. And Footslog stands for a walk on the difficult way. I mostly spend my time on trekking. There are many difficult treks in India. Mostly I visit at every place.
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By hikinggearlab
I am Saleem PNA, always fond of traveling. Though my profession is in the Aviation field, my hobby is blogging, travelling, hiking and camping. I am pleased to present my readers with high-quality reviews and up-to-date information on camping and hiking gear. I am 49 years old. I am from india and presently working in Kuwait.
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By Nomad_Lawyer504
I am Bob, a 42 year old attorney in Louisiana. I love to travel and it is not in my nature to stay in one place too long. A year ago, I moved into a small motorhome full-time. I was looking for a cheap alternative in order to be able to be in Baton Rouge during the week for my job and still keep a place in New Orleans on the weekends. I currently park my 19'Class C- RV nicknamed "Napoleon" in Baton Rouge during the week. It's like having a small efficiency apartment just a block or two from my office, going the urban boondocking route, using freshwater for my sink, toilet and shower from a 50-gallon storage tank. On weekends, I drive to New Orleans, park on the street in front of some friends' house and I have my weekend pied-à-terre in my favorite city... I get two places in one with Napoleon, not to mention a mobile hotel room when I take weekend excusions here or there. My RV has a full wetbath with toilet, shower and sink; a kitchenette with large basin sink, two-burner propane stove with vent hood, LOTS of cabinet storage; a microwave, fridge/freezer that runs on electric and propane; an airconditioning unit, a heating furnace, a gas powered generator hooked up to the vehicles gas tank, 50-gallon freshwater storage tank, 12 gallon propane storage tank, a wardrobe closet that fits several suits, shoes etc.; a four-person dining table and benches that converts to a bed; and a queen-size bed/sleeper area over the cab; tons of cabinet storage for more clothes and misc. items and a 32" flat screen TV with digital antenna. It is a very comfortable little home on wheels.


I am interested in exploring nomadic options for employment/income to go along with my physically nomadic living arrangement.

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By marga.samadhi
Hello Digital Nomad,

This is the introduction time!
My name is Marga, and I am starting my Nomad, van life. I literally bought my van yesterday. Its a 1979 Chevrolet G20! Yes I know it's old! But I realized, if I really want to go all the way in the Nomad adventure, rather do it fun and old school!
My plans? No plans! For the first time of my life I surrender entirely to the law of the Universe. I am a Vagabon! I will go where the wind blows!
But as for as technical plans, I am open to every single one of your advice! Those who are already on the road, those who's been on the road, and also those who will or wish to be on the road! I am a taker! I want to learn and leave as prepared as I can!

What are the tips I want to hear? How can I make the most comfy 4 wheel home of all? Any favorite destination in greater America?

My instagram is @Margasamadhi. Stay tuned for the advancement of my journey!!

With deep and sincere LOVE
Hey guys/gals,

Francesco from Italy here :)

I am not a real digital nomad as I am stable in the sunny Italy (very south), but I work remotely as freelance web developer from 5 years.

Actually I work at Codeable, a premier outsourcing service for WordPress.

Looking forward to meet interesting people and share experience!

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By hikinggearlab
Hi greeting to all,

I am Saleem PNA, owner of the website: Hiking Gear Lab. Though my profession is in the Aviation field, my hobby is travel and travel blogging. I used to travel so many places and used to write short blogs. I am pleased to present my readers with high-quality reviews and up-to-date information on camping and hiking gear.
with regards to all of u :) :) :) :)
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By tedbendixson
Hey everyone!

I'm Ted. I wear a lot of hats lately, but I've mostly been spending my time building iOS apps for clients and customers. I love to snowboard, and most of my business ideas are centered around that kind of lifestyle.

I am the owner of a popular skateboarding app that gives you a random trick to try. We call it Skate Dice.
https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/skate-d ... 74685?mt=8

My goal for this year is to start a new business I am excited about. I have an idea for a digital nomad ski house concept that I just posted about in the accommodation section.

Hope to meet all of you and share stories!

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By RyFiProductions
Hi! I'm Ryan, 34, from San Diego. My fiancee and I have been saving aggressively and plan to sell everything and hit the road in about a year. She is a photographer and I am an IT Project Manager. We plan to start a travel blog mainly as a central repo for our pictures and video from the road, but may also consider working remotely to keep the travel extended. I'm glad I found this site for research. :D
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By AkumuFiona
Hi all! I am Akumu from Kenya and I have been an on and off digital nomad for the past 4 years. I am a freelance writer and content curator. Ditched my job in Nairobi late last year and worked a bit between Kisumu and Mombasa. From September 4th this year, I began travelling with my similarly digital nomad boyfriend. We spent a month in Zambia and are now in Malawi. Mozambique and Thailand will be next. I would like to motivate and inspire more Kenyans to become fully-fledged digital nomads and freelancers. Freedom is my most important value. I love what I do and how I am doing it and I am glad to connect with all of you :) Hope to meet you somewhere, sometime soon!

You can follow me on instagram to see what I am upto. @AkumuFiona
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By Carolien_G
Olá! My name is Carolien and I'm half Dutch (born) half Portuguese (raised).

I'm 21 years old and recently graduated in Communication Design from the Polytechnic Institute of Portalegre. Now I moved to The Netherlands to see how it's like to live and work in the country where I was born, if possible I'd also like to learn the language. I feel like I need this "time off" to decide what I'm going to after. Considering doing a masters degree next year.

I like illustration, social media, web design, editorial, photography, logo design, etc. Very interested in sports in general - but specially judo. Huge fan of travelling.

I don't know much about being a Digital Nomad, and that's what I'm here to do! I want to gain experience and learn how to be productive when working from home or while away.

Cheers! 8-)
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By bryan.fawcett
Hi everyone, my name is Bryan, I am from Zimbabwe, Africa. I have lived in Africa all my life, I've lived in different countries, and am currently in Tanzania till the end of the year. I have spent the last 18 months on the move traveling around Southern and East Africa. By profession I am a teacher, but have moved away from that slightly, and am currently working in the safari Industry. On the side I am developing a company that provides web hosting services and business consulting with a focus on branding and tech side of the business.
My plan is to fully rely on that company in the future, the problem I have is the marketing and finance side of things.
Being a digital nomad is a lifestyle choice, and it is taking time to get into it. It is a new concept in Africa and to me so am doing all that I can to learn and get advice.
I hope you all have an amazing day!
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