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By ChariCruzman
Hi I am Charito Manuel, I am from the Philippines, I quit my job just recently and I am hoping to become a freelancer. I was an Office Assistant and an Accounting Assistant . I am new to remote jobs, hoping to learn from digital nomads to find a job soon. I am married and my wife works overseas and I am the one who get to look after our two kids. I am hoping to become a VA , I hope to learn from the forum and have an online job.
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By rMarang22
Hi,my name is Rebecca I am 23 years old and I`m from Papua New Guinea.I am a nursing student going towards my final year. I like travelling and experience new things.I am sociable and grab onto any opportunities that i can.I was wondering after i graduate can i still work and travel,any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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By ClintN
Hey there,

My name is Clint, from Australia. I have been looking into segtting this lifestyle up for a while now, with the goal of being a Grey Digital Nomad up and down the East Coast of Australia in my 50s and beyond.

I am still skeptical, my focus to date has been more along the line of freelancing, particualarly using the popular freelance websites as opposed to remote employment.

As I'd need to earn cira $90k USD the remote employment options seem more feasable, as thus far those freelance sites have pretty dismal net returns for my efforts.

A good internet connection is also a main concern in Australia. Living in the #3 city, I can't seem to get one into my house, would hate to see how it would fare in regoinal area.

Anyhow, practicalities aside it's a romantic idea that keeps coming back to me.
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By Robert O'Kruk
Hey and welcome Clint! I'm the co-founder of this forum. Just know this, I've been travelling the world over the year and have met hundreds of people (including myself) living this lifestyle successfully. People who have house, pets, children, wives and any other responsibility you can think of. The phrase "where there's a will there is a way" is very true.

It's no romance, if you want it, you can have it. So the question is...do you really want it? ;)
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By arunvlogger
Hello All,

I am Arun Naidu from India. I run my agency where i produce corporate films and 2d/3d advertisements. My real passion has always been wandering and logging it in videos though. Started on this dream like 6 months back and now i am steadily marching forward with my Vlogs on my youtube channel Terntrails. Looking forward for some great tips and advice on travelling from all you experts around. Cheers !! :)
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By simon.lewis
Hi Everyone my name is Simon Lewis, I own an international marketing agency working with travel brands and destinations. (i work remotely and travel all the time)

We recently created a campaign to promote Cape Town as a digital nomad destination through our community called Co Working Days.

I am not posting links as I don't want to upset anybody :)

I would really like to meet other digital nomads who might be in Greece at the moment
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By gibbiv
I'm Rob from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. I just returned from traveling to 12 countries in 7 months with the travel and work program We Roam. During my time on the trip, I went through two full-time remote jobs and had one before that. While I'm not good at keeping remote jobs, I am good at finding them and landing them. :lol:

To help aspiring remote workers find and land remote jobs, I put everything I know into a free course. No gimmicks or anything like that. It's straightforward and all the information is actionable and based on my personal experience. You can check it out here: http://robertgibb.me/free-remote-job-course/
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By vara
Hi , I am vara. I am looking for a remote job since 5 months. I am tired after searching for a remote job and many companies cheated me and I lost 5 months of valuable time. Some companies simply posting attractive job offers for promoting their business. Some companies simply rejecting my application because of my time zone. Can I get any help form this forum. You can find my portfolio here http://varaprasadmaruboina.000webhostap ... /index.php
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By cryptoteq
Hi, my name is Tye...

"Digital Nomad" is a term that expresses a lifestyle that i had been trying to define and desperately seeking for years but settled on describing my desire as "financial independence." Well, financial independence is nice, but being able to roam the planet and leverage my expertise as a software professional is more apropos. I live in the Dallas, Texas area and travel often to see 7-year old in Austin. My favorite getaway has become Costa Rica, and I intend to leverage internet marketing, drop-ship stores via Shopify, and Bitcoin and Altcoin trading and investing to achieve truly becoming digitally nomadic.
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By Benballer
Hey Im Ben,
Just recently I joined digital nomads, I graduated from college 1 year ago with a degree ion business :D . I wanted to experience something different, and after hearing about it from a couple of friends I decided to join.
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By bigguy
Hi Im Mike aka bigguy lol, Im new to digital nomads and still learning how to use the site. I joined to share my thoughts and experiences with the nomads. :)
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By george.sanchez
Hello everybody My name is hobo george I just found out I'm a Digital Nomad been living this life style for over 30 years now I'm 42 going to be 43 in August 11, 2017 to me this way of living is normal waking up , working and traveling day by day with a Laptop chillin in cafe shops local stores without any worries . If I need money I freelance obtain currency and move on . I recently discover their is a community out there . so yeah HELLO .[/color][img][/b]
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By andreas.raisl
Hi, all together. My name is Andy, 41, from Germany. I have always wanted to be this kind of world traveller now called digital nomad although have explored the right word for it just some time ago.

Nevertheless I did some extensive travelling in my life so far as for example backpacking overland from India through China and Russia home to Germany, all without thinking much about any online businesses, I was young, single and didn t need much, just working in all kinds of fields for some time.

Today I am married, have an 11 year old son and live in Germany. Still dreaming about the vagabondish lifestyle again and again. 4 years ago I started studying electrical engineering at a distance laerning university, got my bachelor s degree just a few days ago and now orienting myself where to continue. Got pretty deep into software development and programming during these years, learned a lot by myself onliine and practised during 2 internships and love the analytical, logical thinking work.

My plan is to become an expert in some niche of programming and to freelance and live at least partly the digital nomad dream. I m thinking about what niche to pick, where to put my efforts in and learn and practice, I cant be a jack of all trades in my situation. Any advice from nomads in the software field very appreciated.

Nice to meet you all

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By david.raygorodsky
Happy Birthday George!

I'm sure in your long time living this lifestyle you have seen a lot of people come in and out of it. Or perhaps witness it and wish they did it, and then never take the leap... Could you share your thoughts on why people don't do this when they want to?
What are your thoughts on the challenges of being a long time nomad. Perhaps a lack of home/community (I sometimes feel lonely and alienated. Especially when I reconnect with people who have never experienced what I have or seen much aside from their home town/city.)

I'm a Digital Nomad of 3 years, been to ~40 countries and working to empower more people to embrace the ability to travel and experience the world...

george.sanchez wrote:Hello everybody My name is hobo george I just found out I'm a Digital Nomad been living this life style for over 30 years now I'm 42 going to be 43 in August 11, 2017 to me this way of living is normal waking up , working and traveling day by day with a Laptop chillin in cafe shops local stores without any worries . If I need money I freelance obtain currency and move on . I recently discover their is a community out there . so yeah HELLO .[/color][img][/b]
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