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Hi everyone

I wrote a book, Code For Cash, that helps developers find freelance programming jobs.

Here's a revenue report for our first 30 days - https://www.breakingintoconsulting.com/ ... report.php

Hopefully this helps anyone thinking about writing an ebook to supplement their digital nomad lifestyle


This is the revenue report for Code For Cash for its fourth month of operations.

Reminder: what it is we do

Code For Cash is a new business that does two things: (i) we help programmers become better freelancers, especially by finding them gigs; (ii) we help businesses manage and hire freelance programmers. Our website is https://codefor.cash.

Revenue report

$757 book sales ($718 Amazon, $39 everywhere else)
$2166 freelance services sales Note: I am **not** counting my personal freelancing income in this report.

Total revenue: $2923
Revenue attributable to MRR (subscriptions): $1466

This is growth of 144% compared to last month (with approximately 115% growth in month over month MRR).

Biz updates

Informally, we’d been helping Code For Cash community members do hiring (subcontracting overflows of consulting work). In last month’s report, I talked about starting a formal b2b play, aside from selling to coding bootcamps. Now, we have an official service: for $200/month/developer, we will find the perfect freelance developer for you. So far, all clients are happy :) Compared to the cost of hiring a recruiter or having one of your employees do the task, it’s a huge savings.

I went to a trade show (TechDay) yesterday and told someone about the service; he asked, “how can you afford to do it so inexpensively?” The answer is: with 20 years of coding experience, I have developed extremely efficient business processes for sourcing developers. Plus, we have a talent pool of developer subscribers.. that certainly helps.

Product updates

The biggest update is our user dashboard. We now search more freelance gig markets than ever, and it’s evolving into a full-fledged CRM.


People were overwhelmed with the quantity of gigs, so we now have a system to “triage” opportunities – apply later, apply now, hide.


My favorite part is building features for power users. I’m really having fun with this, and because I’m still doing some consulting on the side, it makes it really natural to “dogfood” the product. For example, you can highlight some text and then block irrelevant keywords with just a click.

Soon, we’re going to introduce stats – such as streaks (how many days in a row have you been prospecting?) and close rate. What gets measured gets managed. But the feature I’m most excited about is the ability to send in one-click applications, directly from the interface. We’re going to combine the data we already have (code samples you uploaded for the portfolio page) with a a little bit of back-office human labor in order to deliver sales efficiency for developers.

In terms of prospecting – and in life – how many things do you avoid doing because there’s a minor, annoying transaction cost (such as 5 minutes of your time)? Lots. It adds up. Our goal is to remove those tedious transaction costs!

Team report

The team is still me and a core group of freelancers. We’ve added a copywriter to the team – I’m super excited about what he’s developing for our “hire a freelance developer” page. We’re also adding some back office support to help our freelance developer subscribers sell more efficiently.

How you can get involved

Referrals to developers who want to freelance and referrals to businesses that are hiring freelancers. Happy to pay commissions; we have an affiliate infrastructure setup, too.

That’s all, folks

Available to answer questions, too.

Zack Burt | Code For Cash | https://codefor.cash
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