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Itching to bring your furry friends with you as you travel the world as a digital nomad? This is the spot to discuss how to travel with pets around the world.
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By Nohayyyy
Hi everyone,

I'm not traveling at the moment but I spent the summer doing the digital nomad life in Europe with my small dog. I am curious if any of you are traveling with pets or if any of you AREN'T traveling because of your pets. I really want to either join or create a group with digital nomads and their pets who go to various places together and share accommodation. Any advise? Is something out there already or am I on my own? Anyone interested in that?
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By Robert O'Kruk
Hey Nohayyyy,

I absolutely love dogs but feel like I can't get one because of my nomadic lifestyle. Can you share what it's like travelling with your dog? Could is possibly be done with a puppy? Would love to hear your thoughts.
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By MayaNik
I gave my cat to a friend to pursue nomad life. It was super hard and I miss her everyday! Sounds like you might be onto a really cool niche though, sounds like an epic blog idea!

I found some articles that you may be interested in:
1. http://www.nomadtopia.com/can-you-be-nomadic-with-pets/
2. http://www.pettravel.com/airline_rules.cfm

I think it depends on the lifestyle you'd like to have. If you want to jump from hostel to hostel, I don't think that is doable with a dog. Most places aren't pet friendly unfortunately. If you're interested in traveling slow and living in a different country for several months at a time with your own apartment, I think it's totally doable!
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By RocMan
One of my concerns as well. I am still working out how to bail on corporate life (teaching English and starting an eCom company most likely) but I am very concerned about being able to bring my little furry kid with me. There is simply no way I could ever give her up. Thanks for the articles!
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By laurie_awe
At least in America many motels/hotels are pet friendly. They may require a pet deposit but usually it is refundable. I intend to travel in my RV and take my buddy, Vishnu (a young husky/german shepherd male), with me. Campgrounds and parking lots seem like the way to go. With an occasional splurge on a motel room for the free wifi and hot shower.
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By Georgina Grey
I am, about 4 months ago I adopted a dog and this was before I landed my remote job, so I've looking into it. It seems like every country has different policies concerning pets, and then the airlines have different policies as well, so it takes a lot more research than traveling solo. In terms of accommodation I would definitely go with AirBnB, since it already helps you filter using that criteria. I think Colombia will be my first destination traveling with a pet, so I'll see how that goes.
I will start my nomad-location independent life this year (2017) and I have a dog.
I would love to know of nomad communities and co-working spaces and work-ations around the globe accepting dogs.
The idea is to know if such communities exist and in which country and city!
An app telling us where the pet-loving nomads are in order to join them would be great!
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By Nohayyyy
Wow it sounds like there are definitely enough people who are in the same boat! My goal is to start a service bringing digital nomads and their pets together starting January / February, 2018.

Because I have experience traveling abroad with my dog, I could offer help with logistics etc.

Starting in South America would be ideal. Colombia and Ecuador seem do be good pet friendly places.

Also, in Europe, Czech Republic and possibly Switzerland would be my main focus for the warmer months. They are very pet friendly and transportation is easy with your fur babies.

Will keep this post updated whenever that moves along!
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By Nohayyyy
Robert O'Kruk wrote:Hey Nohayyyy,

I absolutely love dogs but feel like I can't get one because of my nomadic lifestyle. Can you share what it's like travelling with your dog? Could is possibly be done with a puppy? Would love to hear your thoughts.

Hi Robert,

Traveling with my dog was so much fun! It was a hassle at times but overall really great way to spend the nomad life. I did 2 workaways so that we'd be in one place for longer and that way accommodation and food were free. During my trip I started a website called barkpacker.com where I share info and some bits about my experience. It's definitely possible but obviously depends on the size and temperament of your pup.
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By quinbee
I've been considering bringing my dog as well in my travels, but always hesitated and had to leave him back home as I'm afraid it could affect my work and felt like preparing the documents and such in each place I visit would be a hassle. But those digital nomads who are able to work successfully while traveling with their pets are very inspiring! Indeed, if your targeted location has pet-friendly places and fully equipped transportation for pets, it's quite doable.
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