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hi guys
Well I have a motorhome here is a bus converted into motorhome but my issue is electricity only runs through the generator and that died on me second day when i bought it so basically now I have no electricity nor do I have heating in it so my question is does anyone know how to convert from generator powered based electricity to Batteries based electricity as I have no idea about how to wire all that I been trying to find answers online but failed to find any useful informations about it.
If anyone could help me with that would be much appreciated
Also any one knows how to do plumbing in your motorhome as also no water in it so as I am planning to leave my current job I would like to sort this out before I give leave notice to my employer
Any advice or any help would be much appreciated
Thank you to all for any comments and support on my issue

Kindest regards,

So, first question: instead a generator what about solar panels to run all your stuff inside the motorhome? Clean energy that will charge your leisure batteries. We have a 80W solar panel on the roof and two 100W flexible that I can hang outside. 280W of power. About the water: you need a water tank and a water pump: There are not expensive stuff. Then you can have running water and connect it to the sink.
Thank you for your kind comment to me sir Well Solar panels in UK very expensive but for charging batteries I still need first batteries before I can get solar panel for it however I dont think in my location that solar panel will work as there is not much sun here only rain as of the comment on water well I dont know anything about plumbing I never did plumbing in my life time I dont even know where you can buy that for motorhome under what keywords would that go into
I do however like Idea of Solar panel just In Scotland no sun so I can buy like 100 of solar panels I would never get sun on it as it is either cloudy or rainy every day I didnt see sun for weeks now also if there is a sun it is not strong enough to charge batteries example today we had 30 min sun only the rest of the day very much clouds and rain and wind
I was looking for water tank what I was looking was 250 liter water tank that I kind of like but in UK that costs over 200 pounds so anything you buy here it is expensive how much did you pay for your solar panel kit if I may ask you please??
Also if I find some plumbing for my motorhome how do you connect all that together also converting from Generator to Batteries how you do that as I say I have no idea about that second day when I own a bus the generator exploded I never seen something like that in life so like I mention in my post I am currently with no electricity or heating so I am looking to fix that asap as I am planning to leave this job as what is the point to work here if they dont let me sleep at all
I trying to make my motorhome decent enough so i can live in full time I dont want to bother by renting accommodation as in UK all this is to expensive Over 1000 pounds for a flat it is ridiculous really

I hope you can answer my questions sir
and thank you again for your kind respond back to me I really appreciate it
Just to let you know that the solar panels work also if it's cloudy, of course at 50% of the capacity, but still work! We payed our first system (80W solar panel, regulator & inverter) around 250 Euros. Then our upgrade with 2 new 100W ultraflex solar panels and a new inverter for 1Kw was around 600 Euros.
About the water tank I think that 250 Lt is more than what you can actually consume. We have a 80 Lt tank in the back and it's ok for a week with cooking, drinking, cleaning and showering.
About the connection for the genny and the batteries I can't say much as we don't use it but here maybe you can find some help: https://www.solarpaneltalk.com/forum/of ... ttery-bank
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