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Driving across the country in a camper van whilst also being a digital nomad? Here's the place to learn how to and discuss the lifestyle! Moderated by Armando Costantino & Melony Candea, co-founders of Westfalia Digital Nomads, a lifestyle blog dedicated to #vanlife while being a digital nomad. They've been on the road 4+ years!
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By VoidSpace
Hey all, I've wanted to live the "van life" before I even knew such a community existed. I already have a vehicle and a plan, but I am stuck on what I should take with me. I don't need many of the basic human comforts and I am not embarrassed to ask for help, I am simply curious what other people think I should take with me for very long term living on the road. Much obliged!
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By Mel Candea
Hi VoidSpace, you definitely need to include gender. Ha. Many different necessities might crop up for boys vs. girls. I think some basics are: solar or an energy source; fridge; storage. You'll need clothes for whatever clime you want to visit, but seriously - the basics. You'll probably live in the same 2 pairs of trousers/shorts and 3 sweaters/tanks weekly. A good pair of shoes for walking. Basics for the kitchen: a knife that cuts; a breadboard; 2-4 plates; 2-4 cups; silverware to cover said plates; a pot and a pan; external water storage, like a container for emergencies; a bucket for toilet emergencies; good bedding that's cleanable; and any techie gear you need. Don't forget to have a small space set aside for your personal memorabilia. They carry you through dark days. :) Any entertainment, store up. Whether it's books (a Kindle) or films/tv, store them up for bad weather days. Believe me, you'll thank me later. Ha. If you have any other questions or need specific advice, don't hesitate to contact us. We'll be more than happy to help.


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