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Average Monthly Costs Of Being a Digital Nomad In Africa?

PostPosted:Thu Jan 05, 2017 7:56 am
by JessyBell22
Hello! :)

I was just wondering what you've found that average cost of being a digital nomad across Africa to be? Especially around accommodations, healthy food (if you know) and cost of data / places to work with good wifi. Plus any other hidden costs Africa may hold! :D

Re: Average Monthly Costs Of Being a Digital Nomad In Africa?

PostPosted:Thu Jan 05, 2017 8:14 am
by Toto
Happy and joyous new years Jessy!

Africa is really much more expensive than most would expect. So here's a quick breakdown of things:

$10 - $15 for dorm in beautiful backpackers (They're mostly in really stunning places)
$10 - $40 for twin rooms/ private rooms in local guesthouses. Sometimes nice, sometimes... well...

You can always get a prepaid sim for $1 and buy internet bundles. I would estimate about $5 per GB on average. Some countries are cheaper, and some more expensive.
If you buy huge bundles, it'll be way cheaper of course.

Healthy Food:
That really really depends where you go. If you travel across local villages, towns, cities... well, there's mostly meat and heavy meals for $0.50 - $2.
If you look for healthy food, your best bet is South Africa and the capitol cities of most countries. Where ever there are lots of expats or tourists, there will be a nice (and western priced) place to eat :)

There's so many factors but and depending on your standard you can live on a shoestring or really expensive. Also depends how good and smart you are in making decisions. And how tough you are when it comes to transport, accommodation and food.

Any budget will do it. But if you want to see national parks, you better come with a good amount of savings. Many entrance fees start at $30 - $60 a day.

Re: Average Monthly Costs Of Being a Digital Nomad In Africa?

PostPosted:Sun Jan 08, 2017 7:49 pm
by garrett.oden
Malindi, Kenya was more expensive than expected, but some things were dirt cheap.

Our 1 bedroom apartment in a well-kept, cleaned, and guarded location was nearly $850/mo with air conditioning (and we were there in the cool season). Our internet was provided by the apartments, but it was spotty and often went out for an hour or so.

Local cuisine was very cheap. $1-5 for a filling lunch or dinner of rice, beans, chipati, beaf stew, and maybe something else. Foreign food was closer to what you would expect to pay in a bigger city in the US.

Groceries were reasonable, but not super cheap. Cheese, in particular, was very expensive.