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This is the spot to discuss the amazing continent that is Africa as it relates to digital nomads. Moderated by Torsten Kremser, an African resident and the founder of Nomad Convoy - a trans-African adventure travel project for digital nomads.
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By Toto
Hello everyone!

Over the course of the last few month there's been a rising interest within our global digital nomad community about Africa. And I'm exciting to pick up on that!

Africa has become a big part of my life and we are now living in extraordinary times of positive change. Many African countries are developing rapidly and lots of young talents are innovating their way out of poverty. This continent has many problems but even more solutions. There is so much to learn and experience!

Quick about me:
Friends call me Toto. I've spent most parts of the last 5 years in Eastern and Southern Africa. During that time I got to meet extraordinary people, traveled in picturesque landscapes, experienced beautiful culture, made it through thrilling adventure and ultimately realized that one doesn't need much to be truly happy, except having a purpose. Some people are happy raising their children, fetching water from the river, farming the land. Your purpose can be anything but it must increase life. It must add value.

In short: After having traveled for 2+ years I became a Digital Nomad in July 2014 in Chiang Mai. Shortly afterwards I returned back to Africa and founded the Better Me Foundation in Kenya. This year, 2016, I returned to Asia and Chiang Mai and realized that almost no one talks about Africa as a place to go. Shortly afterwards I founded Nomad Convoy which combines networking events with adventuring on Safari across the African continent. Our groups are a handpicked mix of minds alike, from around the world, who are keen to connect, create, explore and share this lifetime experience together.

Digital Nomad Cities in Africa
Only Cape Town until now. Here's the local FB Group: https://web.facebook.com/groups/1535417433393446/
Let's keep expanding this list over the next few years :-)

Cheapest Airpots to fly-in internationally
Johannesburg, South Africa
Cape Town, South Africa
Nairobi, Kenya
Entebbe, Uganda

A local Sim card cost about $1 in each country in Eastern and Southern Africa and you can get prepaid data bundles. (Average: 3GB = $10). There is 3G literally everyone where there's people living close to a main road and major cities have 4G. Here in Cape Town I'm using the 4G and get 8mbs up/down.

Cash & ATMs
Almost every bigger town has an ATM by now. VISA and MasterCard are widely accepted. I never travel with cash USD except for Visas.

Getting around
All cities are connected with bus lines ranging from really shitty to really nice. But if you want to go adventure you'll have to hire a car. And for real adventure a 4x4.

Generally Africa is expensive when it comes to imported goods and accommodation.
Dorms start at $10 - $15 everywhere (Eastern & Southern Africa).
AirBnB is out of control in Cape Town.
A coke cost $0,33 (if anyone cares)

On the affordable end:
Local meals can be from $0,30 to $3
Good meals about $5-$10
Transport about $1 per 1 hour drive. Note, this is not distance related because sometimes it takes 8 hours for 100 km.

I will keep expanding this list as we go. Feel welcome to ask me anything!
Toto... Africa... I see what you did there!

This is awesome information! I'd love to head to Africa soon... Got a few months booked in South America next year but could certainly see Africa being the next place on my list to head to. Cheers Toto.
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By Toto
Haha thanks ?? hostnomad ??

I got the name without knowing about the actual band! It must've been somewhere between Tanzania and Malawi in 2012 when I somehow adopted it. I can't even remember how it happened. Though only later people started asking me about the band and the song. It took me still a few more hints from others before I actually looked it up haha! And hey I love the song!

Here's a travel video I made during that time. Might get you even more fired up! :) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ceJFc9TrHNE
Hullo, Toto and Hostnomad iam from Uganda Africa iam happy to read from you, thanks for the love for Africa as its said before we are a land of problems but with a wide range of solutions that is why Africa is called a land of opportunities.
To my local language "Toto" means Mother or care taker or some who who cares !! it means your cared for Africa that is why they called you Toto.
I have not traveled much though i have a heart to travel though restricted by the pocket but its my wish that one day i will fulfill my dreams not only to Africa but the world, i have working as a guide in Uganda ask me anything about Uganda, Rwanda and i will be in position to answer.

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By Toto
Hi Tourland! Oh thank you. I didn't know that!!! I've been working with a Ugandan for the last 1.5 years but he never told me this detail. I only knew the meaning in Luo/ Kiswahili meaning little child/ baby.

What language is that? Luganda?

Take good care
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