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This is the spot to discuss the amazing continent that is Africa as it relates to digital nomads. Moderated by Torsten Kremser, an African resident and the founder of Nomad Convoy - a trans-African adventure travel project for digital nomads.
Hello! I have always been interested in travelling to Africa (and slightly afraid!). It seems like such a majestic and beautiful place, definitely not like home.

So...what are the best cities for digital nomads in Africa? Is there a vibrant digital nomad community anywhere? Or are things just starting to take off, what about the internet quality in cafes and through mobile sim cards?

Would love to learn more! I saw Torsten's company Nomad Convoy and that looks plain out bad ass! I will be considering trying it in the future once I learn a bit more about Africa and figure out my travel plans for next year.
Hi Jamal! Thanks for the mentioning :-)

I've spent 3+ years in Eastern and Southern Africa by now and there's lots to adventure and see!

But in regards to Digital Nomads I can only recommend Cape Town at the moment.

No question, there are lots of startups across mayor cities like Johannesburg, Gabarone (Botswana), Windhoek (Namibia), Nairobi (Kenya) and Kampala (Uganda) but there isn't any kind of DN scene yet.

Mobile internet is the best in the world. There's 3G literally everywhere where there are more than 500 people living close to a main road. I've been traveling across the continent 5 years ago and had always a sim with 3G. Yes there are still some blank spots, but hey, this place is massive and vast and it's quite a mission to put up towers across if there are no customers.

And now the mayor cities have upped with 4G too. When I was back in Kenya I had to exchange my old sim to get the 4G one.

Right now I'm in Cape Town using an LTE router and get 8mbs up/down. There is also a Digital Nomad Facebook group here and lots of cowork options (like 25 spaces).

I love Cape Town and maybe I'll go there in February. If anyone's going there ... let me know, please!

I never thought of Cape Town as Africa, though. ;) It's just so European!

I also feel like the real African experience is outside the cities. But it gets hard with WiFi there.

The last time I've been more North than Botswana/South Africa/Namibia was in 2012 when I went to Tanzania. There was Wifi in some places (hostels in cities) but not good enough. Maybe things have changed since then? In South Africa it was much easier with the WiFi in Jan 2015 than in Jan 2010 - it developed quickly. In 2010 most hostels still charged about 3-4 Euro per hour for WiFi-usage. That had disappeared by 2015! I also felt like the WiFi was faster but did't actually make any speed tests.

I love Africa. At the moment I am trying to become a Digital Nomad. Looking for jobs actively right now (I am a Software Developer). I would love to go to Africa and work remotely at the same time. I was dreaming about that for a while now.

I am glad someone created this Africa Forum!!!

I've heard Cape Town in South Africa is a great digital nomad spot. There is a load of cool co working spaces in the city.
I am looking at Kigali in Rwanda which has had a horrid history but this has now made the city into a future thinking tech hub of Africa. There is free wifi everywhere. A town called Moshi in Tanzania at the bottom of Kilimanjaro has just opened a new co working tech hub. Nairobi in Kenya is called the Silicon Savannah of Africa, with it's thriving start up culture. I'm planning to go there next year in 2017.
Haha yea there's also a Silicone Cape initiative making Cape Town the silicone valley of Africa. Lots of startups and investors out here. 25+ coworking spaces.

And yes, it's very western. Still, the people here are very different to a western city. There's lots of movement, lots of consciousness in regards to our worlds problems. Or especially Africas problems. Though there's also lots of ignorance like in any other city. But I love the movers and shakers out here.

All across Eastern and Southern Africa is good 3G and 4G in cities. Internet isn't a problem out here. Just maybe the cost of internet, which is still high. You wouldn't want to watch netflix here ;)
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