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By manuel.buchacher
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Wow Wahnsinn…..vor etwa 4 Monaten habe ich spontan entschieden, dass ich nach Bali auswandere. Und nun bin ich hier und lebe ein Leben, was ich mir vor einem Jahr mehr als nur gewünscht habe, ich habe jeden Tag daran gedacht und mir das ganze im Kopf ausgemalt aber Träume sind halt sehr oft nur Schäume, bis ich dann spontan alles hinter mir gelassen habe.
Jetzt sitze ich hier im Beachclub und trinke aus einer Kokosnuss nach einem viertel Jahr auf dieser traumhaften Insel.

Snapchat: bantoine2
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Wow this is incredible….about 4 months ago I spontanious decided that I will move to Bali. And now I am here living a life that around 1 year ago I wished more than everything else. I dreamed about it every day, but most of the time dreams only stay dreams till u decide to make them happen, and this is what I did. So I left everything behind me and moved to Bali.
No I sit in a beachclub with a fresh coconut after about 1 quarter of the year.

Snapchat: bantoine2
Instagram: bantoine2

#PassiveIncome #Timefreedom #baliLife

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By paul.collins
Hi Manuel I was thinking of moving to Bali when I finish my degree to begin a marketing business ,I am also visiting in February! Just out of curiosity is it really as cheap as people say it is to live ?
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By Robert O'Kruk
Hey Paul,

I'm currently in Bali and have been here for that last month. It can definitely be pretty cheap! It's easy to make it by on $30 CAD per day in the areas I've been so far, Ubud, Changgu, Gilli T Island. I think some of the super touristy areas (e.g. Kuta) might not be as realistic with such a small budget though.

I would highly recommend Ubud! Lots to do, great food options, lovely chill vibes and a truly unique city :)

Let me know if you have any other questions!
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By srineets
Hello everybody,

I had been to Bali a couple of years back. As others before me have said, it is pretty inexpensive when we do currency conversion and is possible to live off of a shoestring budget. Bali is the place to be for every traveler who wants to understand different cultures, to relax and unwind from stress. Ubud is pretty good and inexpensive compared to Kuta and Nusa Dua. The most scenic area in Bali, according to me is Nusa Dua, but it is pretty expensive. Bali has everything; beaches, volcanic mountains, forests, temples and night life. Certainly, it is a base for a digital nomad. :)
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