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By MayaNik
Sweet article! It would be so cool to visit each one of these locations (I've only been to one - Koh Phangan so far). Yeah I don't think they were too worried about cost because Singapore and Vancouver were both on the list as well. Maybe when our startups get acquired by Google :lol:
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By irene.de-vette
The locations themselves seem pretty amazing, but as a freelancer, I'd be worried about the costs as well. When are you headed to Thailand - ideas unchanged in the light of recent events?
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By Robert O'Kruk
We just left Thailand before the King died, now that he has died we have several friends still within Thailand and apparently things are more or less the same except you must wear dark clothes for one month. Bars and parties may be subdued for a bit as well. As always and now more than ever, just don't talk about the royalty and you should be fine. We plan to go back soon, but probably after this initial 30 days is over.
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