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There're a group of 5 nasty pickpockets. All are young adults. They'd not Only took all of your money, would also used all of your credit cards just to dig more out of you!!
Me and my friend were in a hurry to catch our train. While we were on the escalator going up to the platform, it suddenly stopped. We were so pissed cuz then we had to carry up those heavy luggages. Then there were about 5 men came up passing though me and my friend. I didn't notice a thing until I got on the train few hrs later. I recalled those men stared at me weirdly after I got to the platform waiting for the train.
So I called the banks to stop all my credit cards payments as soon as I got home, but it was too late because those assholes had already used my cards made many small transaction payments (they're sneaky avoiding large amount all at once cuz then my banks would inform me right away) though DB BAHN AUTOMATEN a type of ticket purchase machines. My friend told me they'd return tickets to the station counter asking for cash refund after purchases.
There're ppl complained for the same pickpockets problem, and it still goes on even after a year. That only means the local authority/police department ignores such thing so they've sharpened up their pickpocket skill. You're really on your own!!
I'm just going to add to this, that this isn't just a concern unique to Germany but really most places you go. I've traveled a fair bit in South East Asia, and I could share numerous personal stories of friends (or even myself) being in situations were they pick pocketed or robbed. Especially in the big cities and areas where there's known to be a lot of tourists, be very wary of your surroundings. Especially if you're working remotely and using a computer, you will likely have it on you most of the time while you're out and about and it would be terrible if someone stole all of your valuable work from you! Some practical tips to prevent you from falling victim to this:

1) Stick to groups, especially walking back to your hostel/home at night. This is obvious, but I still know many people who've literally had their phone snatched out of their hand or slyly pickpocketed by a team of two while walking home alone in a crowded area they were very familiar with.
2) Fanny packs ftw! Especially for the ladies, try and avoid wearing purses with weak straps that can be cut or easily slipped off. If you do, make sure it's hidden out of sight as well as possible and sitting on the far side of your body from the road. When I was in Bali with my sister (Kuta, ugh), a couple of guys drove by on a motorcycle and tried to grab my purse as it was facing the road and was fairly easy to grab from their bike. After an unsuccessful attempt, they came back around and drove by my sister and cut the strap off of her purse and drove away with it.
3) Don't have all of your valuables in one place. Leave a credit card or your phone in a vault in the hostel, or tuck your cards in more secretive pocket and just have some cash ready to go. It's smart to hide some of these valuables under your clothes if possible.
4) Another obvious one, but try your best not to flaunt your valuables in particular cities/areas, especially those laptops. It just makes you an easy target to pick out of the crowd.

I hope these are helpful, and if anyone has any other ideas/suggestions for staying safe from pickpocketing and getting robbed, list them here!

On that note, it might be useful to make a chat forum for safety/concerns while traveling?
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