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Hi guys!

I'm an adventure loving student based in Ankara, Turkey.
This summer, I plan on going on a Eurotrip. Primarily, I'm basing it around two concerts that I have; Linkin Park on Jun 20, in Amsterdam, and then Coldplay on Jun 22 in Brussels.

I plan on starting in Athens, on Jun 14 and I will have approx 12-15 days in total to spend trotting across Europe. (I am planning on cutting costs on my measly student budget by living in cheap BNBs and hostels hehe).

I want to start in Greece, and, I have always wanted to go to Munich (Primarily, because of the BMW museum. I am a hugee BMW fan and I have, in fact, restored a BMW2002ti myself so maybe some of car lovers can relate to it :D). In addition to that, I really do want to visit Paris, at the very least, from France, and then of course, there's Austria, that I'd love to put in the mix.

Country wise, I think it looks something like Greece -> Austria -> Germany -> NL -> Belgium -> France.

However, I am open to suggestions. Removing something and/or adding something. Furthermore, what cities, and how many days for the cities to do justice to it. The only two fixed dates have to be Jun 20 - Amsterdam and Jun 22 - Brussels. Everything else can be changed. Port of entry need not be Athens, but it'd be nice to have it in the mix because I'm looking to apply for the Schengen visa through Greece.

I must add, I'm young at the moment and full of energy, so I am willing to do a exhaustive, high velocity trip with a lot of places with minimal sleep, but, at the same time, I'd want to do justice to the place, and not just have another stamp on my passport! =)

Let me know what you guys think!! Cheers!
Hi! It would be very interesting to know how it went for you. Could you please share your experience with the rest of us. What were the highlights? What were the best tips you got? What with a hindsight you would differently or avoid doing?
Thank you!

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