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By World of Pages
Hello everyone, I am returning to Hong Kong soon and am really looking for some things to do here. I am trying to do things on a budget for as entertaining as possible, as I am trying to create entertaining videos for yotube. However I do not have any idea of what other things to do. I have already made a video on top things to do here so do not really want to return to doing these things in videos. Has anyone got any ideas of cheap really cool things to do here that I have not already done?

World of Pages :-)
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By Marie Miguel
Hello.. There a tons of things you can do..You can do quick review cool visit to in hk, reviews about the culture and more and more... if you want to get more idea just surf on youtube theres a lot things you can find out.Hope this can help.
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By toursinfiji
1.See the view from Victoria Peak
If there’s only one thing you must do in Hong Kong, it’s to take in the famous view from Victoria Peak
2.Eat dim sum
Translated literally, dim sum means “touch your heart,” but it refers to a family-style meal
3.Charter a junk boat
A popular weekend activity for locals is to escape the city center by renting a “junk,”.
4.Ride the Star Ferry
The Star Ferry, which transports 20 million riders across Victoria Harbour every year.
5.Hit the street markets
Just about anything you could ever want to buy can be found in Hong Kong’s lively street markets.
6.Gaze upon the Big Buddha
West of the city center lies the mountainous terrain of Lantau Island.
7.Hike the Dragon’s Back
Hong Kong is often regarded as a city of skyscrapers and shopping malls.
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