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Hey guys! I'm wondering if you have any suggestions of where I should head next. I'm looking for:

- In South East Asia or nearby
- Something not too crazy right not in tourist high season Dec/Jan
- Affordable (like less than $1300 USD per month)
- Ideally in/near nature
- Decent internet 1up 1 down is fine if it's reliable
- Stuff to do nearby
- Awesome place in general!
- Bonus if there's lot of yoga nearby
You should try out Cluj-Napoca; you have Salina Turda, Apuseni mountains, Sun Garden Spa, the Cheile Turzii gorges - so nature is pretty close. You have a rich IT community developing in here. And the prices are reasonable. For 500 EUR you can have an awesome apartment to rent.
How about Pai, Thailand? There are places that offer yoga retreats in Pai. The sceneries are breathataking and almost everything is affordable, from what I know of. :) Internet is also reliable. Chiang Mai, which is the top digital nomad hotspot in Thailand, is 3 hours away from Pai.
If you've ever been to the Middle East, and Lebanon specifically, then you're gonna have to Try ANTWORK, our own coworking space in Lebanon! :D :D
Aside from being a very affordable country with its beautiful scenes, Lebanon is rapidly catching up with the independent workforce movement and agile mobility concepts.As for coworking spaces, I advise you to go ANTWORK coworking space in Spears, Beirut, and download their app. It allows you to reserve all sorts of services and spaces with one click of button only!
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