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By TheGryphon
Hey Nomads,

Wondering what City/Country you prefer to actually live for a while, 6 months or more, place to hang your hat? So I'm an American citizen and lived in the following already:

1) Panama City, Panama - Was nice for a year but got bored, didn't like the Service etc and was a bit expensive in terms of nice lodging, or should I say not much different than Miami for Latin America.
2) Medellin, Colombia - Loved Medellin but looking for Beach Town/City. Got bored there after a while, but I'm single and loved the girls lol, also the coffee, all in all a great city but want Beach Life or close.
3) Cartagena, Colombia - Never stayed long there, but very cool place, especially the Historic City. Not sure how it is to live there?
4) Jaco, Costa Rica - Cool spot but not sure I wanna actually live there as shopping etc and other luxuries not as readily available.

Have traveled all over except the following which I'm wondering about.

1) Colombia? Other Beach Towns? Cartagena to live, Santa Marta, Barranquilla, San Andres Island?
2) Ecuador? Heard great things about Ecuador but never been.
3) Mexico? Tulum?
4) Nicaragua? San Juan Del Sur?
5) Any Caribbean Islands I'm missing that are cool?

I'm fluent in Spanish/English. Would like to stay in Central or South American or Caribbean. Close to Miami, Costa Rica and Colombia where I have alot of business.

Would like amazing beaches, cool town, fast wifi, good shopping, groceries etc. good banking or financial services, would like to live on the beach overlooking ocean.

My budget is generous, not looking for cheap, just best place to actually stay a while. I also have a Colombia Business Visa so that helps in Colombia.

Thanks in advance for your comments and suggestions.

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By chenell
Hey Gryphon,

I don't have any experience with those cities, but thought I'd offer a tool I do know about. You may already have been this site, but nomadlist.com is really helpful when picking your next destination. They let you use a bunch of filters to really find the best next city to go to.

Hope that helps!
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By katzgar
you might look at S. america. there are few cities in CA
, mexico or the caribean that meet your requirements. Cancun is a concrete tourist trap. Tulum is very small and shopping will cover perhaps a half day, the Tulum beach is about is good as beaches get. Have someone teach you how to use gmaps streetview. San Juan Puerto Rico may work.
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By Georgina Grey
I live in Costa Rica and all I can say is that Jacó sucks lol, Guanacaste has been taken over for some time now and is somewhat developed, but is expensive.
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By tobe3847
I'm on my way down to central america and here are the places I'm looking at that you mentioned:

1) Cartagena - Nomad Cruise
2) Ecuador - Hotel Yumo Imperial in Quito
4) Nicaragua - San Juan Del Sur - NomadLife
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By quinbee
Heard that there are digital nomads already situated in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico and that a coworking space is available. Otherwise, try Palawan, Bali or Koh Lanta. Not in your list but worth checking out too.
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By jinjin
Hola todos! I wanted to bump this thread up because of the mention to Playa Del Carma. I'm currently looking at spending about 6 weeks in PDC. I'm finding just a whole bunch of very expensive AirBnBs in the touristy part. I'm a solo woman traveler so I like to play it safe and be in the touristy part near the resorts and hotels. I know it will be a little more $ but I'm surprised at how expensive AirBnBs are in PDC. Most are $900-$1500USD/month! Any tips on how to find a place for 6 weeks? I am also willing to split an AirBnB with someone else because alot of these houses fit 6+ people and the $ would then make sense.
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By 2pairs
As much as I hate the tourism of Mexico in the winter, the country has its perks:
- The entire country is dirt cheap.
- Mexico has great dependable, & fast internet.
- There is an Amazon .com.mx so you can buy what you need.

I try to get away but I repeatedly end up in Playa Carmen, Cozumel, or Puerto Vallarta.
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