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I'm an author and digital consultant and my partner is a traveling nurse recruiter. Since we aren't bound by location by our work, we're thinking of hitting the road and becoming digital nomads in 2017. We are planning to pack up our lives and our dogs and travel around the US for 6 months to a year minimum, staying in each location for 2 months. Currently, we are planning to rent places through Airbnb and rent our home via the same platform. Our main concern at this point is that my partner has to have VERY HIGH SPEED internet access for her phone/computer to work properly with her company's operating system. Any advice from other digital nomads with similar requirements? What things should we consider/plan for as we are plotting our journey across the US? We've NEVER done this before but we have been dreaming of doing this for several years so ANY advice on how to proceed is greatly appreciated!

Many thanks in advance!
Hey Andrea,

So awesome to hear that you guys are embarking on this adventure. Regarding the internet requirement, determine what download/upload speed meets the requirement for the work you will do. Once you know this, be sure to ask each potential host / accommodation what their internet speed is. If they don't know, you can ask them to use this website to find out for you: http://www.speedtest.net/ - On Airbnb almost any good host will be more than happy to do this for you. This idea can apply outside of Airbnb too.

Here's a few resources to help get you started on becoming a digital nomad:

https://www.upwork.com/blog/2014/09/wor ... al-nomads/
http://iamaileen.com/how-to-become-a-di ... mad-guide/

Once you nail down the locations you will be visiting, I recommend looking up travel / digital nomad guides for the specific location you will be visiting. With your house, I would recommend starting to get guests in asap so you can build reviews on Airbnb, then when you list the whole house it will be easier for you to get bookings, and you will have a much better understanding of the platform. Transitioning to full on digital nomadism can be a ton of work! So just do a ton of reading, make lists of what you need to do, and work away at dealing with everything you need to do before travelling. Personally I had a few months before I started and it was a lot less stressful than trying to do everything in a few weeks before the beginning of my travels.

Finally, any odd and end specific questions, be sure to ask away on our forum. Someone will be sure to help you out! I hope this is helpful. Have an amazing time on your adventure! :)
One solution to the internet issue is to bring your own hotspot with you. I know Verizon has a JetPack available. The drawback is that you pay based on the amount of data you use. I think there are other providers that also offer similar arrangements.
I know on AirBnB you can actually filter the properties by Amenities, specifically for WiFi and Internet. And like Robert said, make sure you contact the host for more specific details!
Hi there, I too am embarking on this journey. I own a small graphic design firm where I am from (Antigua & Barbuda). I have traveled and worked before but that was because I had no choice I had to travel and still had work to do. (family emergencies, gig (I am a DJ)) Those few times I had to do so, once my internet was right everything else fell into place. I realized that it wasn't too bad being away from home after-all. I had everything I needed a place to stay (i have a lot of family who migrated to the US) my computer and good internet. Like someone said it would be good to take your own wifi along with you just in case and it seems as if you guys have a plan as to where you will be staying. I would make contact in advance and make sure these places are equipped with your requirements. Good luck on your journey! You should share you stories with us. I can't wait to share mine!
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