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By roaming.romeo
Hi there!

Thanks for letting me join this awesome forum.
I would like to know if any SEO or expert in SEO can recommend a
solid online SEO course or maybe a conference.

I believe this also will help other new born Digital Nomads

#Roaming out
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By MayaNik
Hey Roaming Romeo,

SEO Pro checking in - seeing as how most SEO's are self-taught (including myself) I can give you some insight into how I learned this craft.

1. Read read read - start with these and you can't go wrong:

https://support.google.com/webmasters/a ... 5769?hl=en

From here you should have a good baseline of knowledge. From here you'll want to dig deeper into certain topics, like how to conduct SEO audits, proper hreflang implementation, international SEO considerations, link building, etc.

2. If you're looking for a course, check out https://www.distilled.net/u/. The awesome folks at Distilled have put together a resource that will really cover anything you're looking to learn in the SEO (that fits with Google's terms of service that is... ) Another paid course that's great for SEO (link building in particular) is http://course.pointblankseo.com/

3. I was at Search Love Boston this past May and would definitely check it out again, and also MozCon. You should have a pretty strong knowledge of SEO in my opinion to make the most out of your conference experience. They are quite expensive!

4. After you've done these base readings, start applying it! Practice and experience is how you will learn how to use the concepts described in the articles IRL.

5. Follow some industry blogs (the Moz Blog, Backlinko, Hubspot Blog, and Search Engine Journal will give you a good start).

Hope that helps!

- Maya Nikolovski
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By remotelifestyle
The above resources are great. I particularly like Backlinko as Brian has some really in-depth resources.

I'm actually going through his course SEO That Works 2.0 right now. It's pricey but it's been mindblowing so far. But definitely start off with the free resources. If you find yourself wanting to learn more and more then you can consider some paid courses.

The main benefit to courses is that the information is structured and they hold your hands more. But the free resources should give you enough general knowledge for now.
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By eric.hanson
These are great tips! Hopefully an old dog like myself can learn new tricks on the way of trying to become a Digital Nomad.
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