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Hello current and aspiring digital nomads!

My company CodingNomads (http://codingnomads.co) is hosting a variety of training courses for those who want to learn computer programming skills while on a fun trip. Learning to code abroad helps you focus on the task at hand, surrounded by a group of students with the same goal. Our trips are very productive, very fun, and some of the most affordable training courses on the market.

The following classes have online prep programs starting in late August, with the onsite portions happening in September 2018. If you've been interested to learn to code and you want to experience digital nomad life, our courses help you do both. Please see our site for the syllabi for each course!

Android in Bali - http://codingnomads.co/courses/learn-android-bali/
This class is perfect for aspiring digital nomads. 6 weeks onsite, 8 online. The first 4 weeks online cover Java fundamentals, and then you dive into app development. Our teacher is a seasoned Android App developer who's built a lucrative freelance career while traveling the world. He'll teach you his tried-and-true process to design, develop and launch your own apps, plus how to find work as an Android developer.

Python in Barcelona - http://codingnomads.co/courses/learn-python-barcelona/
6 weeks onsite, 6 weeks online. Python is considered one of the easiest and most versatile programming languages to learn. It's in high demand for jobs worldwide, and very useful for creating your own websites and web applications. This course goes deep into the development and deployment of full-stack Python web applications using Django & MVC for the front-end, SQL databases, and AWS deployment. By the end you will have a portfolio of full stack web development projects. We support students to work on projects/technologies that interest them and/or are applicable to a company they want to work for, so your resume and skill sets reflect your goals.

Java in Mexico - http://codingnomads.co/courses/mexico-coding-bootcamp/
8 weeks online, 8 weeks onsite. Java is the #1 most in-demand programming language, and we are one of the few companies that teach it. Our Java camp is our legacy course, where we teach practical skills needed for thousands of jobs worldwide. We already have a great group coming together for our Java-Mexico program, and we're very excited to return to Playa where we had an absolute blast last year!

Please feel free to reach out to me with any questions!
Kim Desmond
Cofounder, CodingNomads
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