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Much of my focus and disciplined come from the fact that I'm doing what I want to do and I want it bad. But sometimes my focus still wanes in spite of my determination. I find

1) Eating healthy and exercising - this is huge. It's number 1 for me. When I'm not taking care of myself I can't bring the energy I need to keep going.
2) Finding an apartment that I like - It usually takes a couple of attempts and testing out different places that I like, but I always know when I see it. Finding a place I feel comfortable working means I can work from home right when I get up
3) Finding a coffee shop I like - Never leaving the house is not healthy, plus I came to another country to enjoy some of the culture. (But I still gotta get my work done!) Finding a coffee shop that I like is important becauase 1) it gets me out of the house, 2)I get to enjoy some of the local culture 3) I get some variety in environment 4) I STILL get my work done! The challenges with coffee shops is sometimes they're crowded and you can't always rely on the internet, but I always look for a place I like and then establish relationships with the folks who work there. They become early members of my community
4) Music - If I'm doing something repetative or something that doesn't take too much brain power, music helps me do the boring stuff. It can be distracting if I'm working on something complicted, but other than that, it can help me a lot with productivity.

Those are mine!
Those are some great tips, thanks!
Taking care of your health and finding places you like working from are really important.
And as for music, there's some research on how it affects productivity. It doesn't even have to be music, for some people it can be just background noises that helps them focus.

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