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I'm starting with no skills and need to take some classes. I've decided to pick my field based on 2, well really 3 factors.
1. What is the fastest field to learn?
2. What skills are in the highest demand?
3. lastly, what DN jobs pays the most?

I am asking in this order because I have spent some time trying to get a bigger nest egg before taking the leap, and only got my time wasted instead. Europe is calling me. I don't wan to waste any more time. Life is too short. Does anyone know the answers to any of these three questions? Maybe a link to an article?
Digital marketing as a broad umbrella topic definitely covers 1-3. Within digital marketing you'll have several specific niches where perhaps you can find something that suits you. Eg.

- social media marketing
- digital advertising
- email marketing

Some research can provide many other opportunities in the world of digital marketing
Some of the best-paid positions for a DN now are: Javascript FullStack developer, backend developer, and frontend. These jobs are not meant for beginners though. Since remote contracts are much more wanted by devs, the companies that offer them do require some experience. So it will be very hard to land a remote job and learn to code on it. Especially as it's much more difficult to learn from your colleagues remotely. A well-paid Frontend knows and has experience in at least two frameworks of choice like Angular, Vue, React (jQuery does not count here), and knows how to mix them with modular CSS/SASS. TO get there from scratch it's optimistically 2-3 years journey.

There are a lot of Web-based jobs that allow you to scale up to a full-fledged frontend:
- Creatives (Ads) (HTML/CSS/JS)
- HTML 5 templates (HTML/CSS/JS)
- WordPress (HTML/CSS/JS/a little PHP)
- integrating Ads systems (Like DoubleClickPublisher) (HTML/CSS/JS/a little PHP)

Other carriers go more into the backend.

Java is a safe choice, but to write Java you need to know much more than just Java, a lot of basic principles of OOP and Testing Practices. Also, Java is old and old tech-based companies tend to keep devs at the desks.

RubyOnRails - simple to learn, intuitive, not very popular with devs anymore, but there is a ridiculous demand for it, as there is a lot of legacy code that needs maintenance.

Node.js - new and very popular kid on the block. A ton of libraries allows building tangible things quickly. But very easy to mess up, and JS is a very quirky language. Most likely to be required remotely.

.NET also hermetic, but I can see it used a lot, also in some remote work.

Learning to write good backend is HARD, and bad code will usually show since remote workers are doublechecked. It takes years to learn proper use of patterns.

Web Development is the best way to get into for remote work, but it's not something you can pick up if you don't have some foundation. It's a lot to learn and train, especially since remote work is usually offered to experienced developers. In most cases, companies can find inexperienced ones locally and keep an eye on them.

Getting a short-term local contract, or internship could help a lot here.

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