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You know that feeling you get when you have a few bucks in the bank but you can’t get it out because the ATM doesn’t dispense single dollar bills? It was like that.

I was working at a restaurant in Costa Rica earning about 85 cents an hour. I got paid once a month, and payday was always a long way away. I was surviving off the meals I could eat at work and the very fortunate abundance of delicious tropical fruit.

Back home I had intermittently taken classes at various community colleges and stayed afloat through odd jobs painting houses and bussing tables. I’d save a little money, take a semester off and go travel somewhere, then return home and repeat the process. I was living the backpacker dream, but I had a (bad) habit of always getting back to the States with very little money in various forms of non-US currency. Traveling the world is amazing, but being flat out broke is undoubtedly not...

Hi guys,

I just published a blog post about how learning to code changed my life (in the best way and allows me to travel the world like a digital nomad). If you're interested to learn more, check it out!

https://medium.com/@ryandesmond/codingc ... .of9g9h8pj

- Ryan
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