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By Georgina Grey
Hi, I'm a software developer I just recently landed my first truly remote job, however I don't really have a lot of connections in the software industry other than companies and colleagues that are far from being completely remote.

Even though this is a full time job and I will have a steady income, I'd like to build a network of people that will be aware of my existence and my skills, that way if something goes wrong, at least I will have some sort of "safety net" and I won't have to go back to non-remote companies. I'm basically a Contractor, not a freelancer, so I'd be reaching out to software development companies and startups rather than end clients.

Any advise on how to achieve this? Besides sending random invitations to people :?
Hey Georgina :) Congratulations! First remote job is amazing accomplishment! So now that you have a remote job will you begin to travel? Here's a couple tips for building your network based on what you said:

1) If you're not travelling yet, start attending local networking and related events for your industry and do in person networking! If you don't have these in your location then all the more reason to travel! This is a digital nomads forum after all. Once you are travelling since you need to work I'm assuming you will be in locations that have co-working spaces. Work from them and attend all of their networking and events religiously!

2) Setup a great LinkedIn and add people there and on Facebook (when appropriate), be sure to connect with the people you're meeting offline, online! Engage with them online after you're connected.

3) Join groups online and participate just like you're doing here! Facebook and LinkedIn both have lots of great groups for professionals where people help one another out. I notice that the people who frequently participate in these groups are often recommended by others.

4) Consider doing one of the digital nomad getaways available online. Pricey, but you'll meet a large group of people and have a chance to form deep connections.

Hopefully this was helpful! :)
Hi Jessy, I travel whenever I can but never while working, in a couple of months I'll be heading to Medellín for a month or so, I've read is becoming a popular destination for digital nomads and I'm already familiar with the place, I'll be sure to check co-working spaces then.

I try to keep my LinkedIn as updated as possible: https://cr.linkedin.com/in/georginagrey I believe my summary is a bit too robotic haha, so I'll be changing that, buy any advise is welcome!

How do you usually approach people online without being hmm intrusive?

It was really helpful definitely, thanks!
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