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For those of you who might be new to the concept of digital nomadism, we’ve done our best here to break it down for you!

A digital nomad is someone who doesn’t have a fixed address home and travels while working online and making money at the same time. A digital nomad lifestyle is an excellent way to experience extended travel without having to look for jobs at physical locations, or pause travel to get a job to fund your adventure.

To sum it up: No Home + Travel + Remote Work = Digital Nomad

Here are some key features of Digital Nomads:

1. Mobile, location-independent work
Digital nomads are location-independent in their work. This means that they can work from anywhere around the world! This is different from travellers who take short term work in foreign countries, because digital nomads work remotely.

2. Relying on the internet
A key feature of digital nomadism is leveraging technology and the internet to make money. Digital nomads typically work from laptops or tablets via a wifi or mobile internet connection.

3. Love of travel
Digital nomads have a love of travel in common. The opportunity to travel the world and work anywhere is the main feature that separate digital nomads from the remote work community.

Now that we have a better idea of what a digital nomad is, here is what a digital nomad is not!

Digital Nomad Vs. Work From Home
Working from home is different than being a digital nomad, because working at home does not involve travel. However, anyone who has a job that allows them to work from home can easily adopt a digital nomad lifestyle.

Digital Nomad Vs. Expat

There is some confusion about the difference between and digital nomad and an expat. A nomad is someone without a fixed address for a significant period of time. An expat is someone who works and lives in another country. While an expat can also use the internet to make their money, but they have a fixed address for a longer period of time.

All Digital Nomadism Is For Young And Single People

This is a common misconception. There are many digital nomad couples and digital nomad families that have decided to embrace their love of travel and make money online as they travel. Digital nomadism isn't just for single young people!

Check out https://nomadtogether.com/ for ideas and inspiration :)
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Great that you differentiated the difference between a digital nomad and an expat. Wonder what is the length of time that a nomad should live in a specific place before being considered as an expat though.
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