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By Valery Mata

My name is Valery, I was born and raised in Mexico City but spent the last
3 years in Argentina working for Disney as a Television Producer and now
I'm living in Toronto, Canada.

I've been doing some research on what new paths I could follow and I've
decided I want to become a Digital Nomad but don't know where to start.

I want to have a creative job that I can do remotely but my experience
doesn't include that. What should be my first step?

Please help!

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By JessyBell22
Hey Valery. Sounds great that you already have a job that you can do remotely, but what do you mean by "but my experience
doesn't include that"?

Let me know and I can help point you in the right direction! :)
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By Valery Mata
Hi Jessica!

I'm actually not working right now, I left the job I had in Argentina and now I'm searching for new opportunities.

What I meant is that I haven't done any remote work so I don't know how to start. What are the usual remote positions companies look for? Should I study something else? Get any certification?

Thank you!
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By Robert O'Kruk
Hey Valery,

Awesome to hear you're looking for new opportunities! Sounds like you could be on the brink of big life changes which is amazing!

I think these forum topics will help you think about the different roles digital nomads may have, as well as showing you some platforms you can browse around on, to see what kind of jobs are available for the digital nomad lifestyle:

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By hostnomad
Just wondering what people think about having money saved to start with. Did you have a lot of back-up funds when you started your journey?
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By ryan.desmond
Hi Valery,

Take a look at http://codingnomads.co. We're leading courses designed to teach skills specifically tailored for Digital Nomads. I've been living/working/traveling as a Digital Nomad for many years, and I've decided to start teaching the skills that make it possible. Take a peek at CodingNomads, and if you have any questions don't hesitate to reach out. Best of luck!

All the best,
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