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I'm currently working as a digital product manager and definitely want to move to becoming a digital nomad as soon as possible. I'm thinking about a couple of things around this:
1) I haven't been able to find any PM roles over the past month that I've been looking. Would it be better to give up being a PM and get my coding skills up instead?
2) What other non-coding roles could I look into?
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By martin-martin
If you know how to teach things, there are possibilities for contracting positions with MOOCs providers. I'm working in online education in a way, doing Code Reviews, Mentoring, and answering posts in Forums.
This is in a coding environment with Udacity, but I'm pretty sure that sites like Coursera and edX might have similar opportunities also in completely non-tech-related fields.
It's not necessarily a lot of money, but you can earn some to keep you rolling ; )
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By martin-martin
There are also sites like udemy where you can create your own courses that you can monitor from far, and engage with students across the web interface.
So if you are a good teacher and know something interesting you might be able to pack into an online course, there's a possibility to earn some money like that, too. : )
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By Robert O'Kruk
Here are some examples of jobs digital nomads may do:

- Wordpress website development (almost no coding skills needed)
- Email marketing
- Social media marketing
- Coaching
- Digital advertising
- Conversion rate optimization services
- Copywriting
- SEO services
- Graphic design
- Consultant
- Video editor
- Teach English (online)
- Virtual assistant
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By CrackedReed
I have got some teaching experience but looking at that list again, I realise that I could combine a few different things - especially by doing some online courses first.
Thanks for the inspiration :)
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By CrackedReed
I've got some basic coding experience so I think I could probably learn about WordPress and SEO then combine that with project/product management, maybe with an education focus.
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By JessyBell22
Sounds great! Since you have project/product management experience, and are thinking about learning WordPress & SEO, if you were building websites for people you would also be in a good position to outsource the development and use your experience to help manage the process and make it smooth. Outsourced development can go great when properly managed, or it can be a train wreck...just depends on how you do it and with who! Hopefully everything goes awesome for you! :D

If you have any other questions about WordPress or SEO I would be happy to chime in :)
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By CrackedReed
Thanks Jessica!
My first step is to find good courses that won't cost me a fortune. Do you have any suggestions for those? Udemy seems a bit hit and miss but I want something that can get me set up in one weekend if possible.
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By JessyBell22
No problem! :)

When it comes to SEO & WordPress I am self taught in both and have never paid for any courses! Not to say you can't find ones that are worth the money, but the information is definitely available for free.

For SEO, check out MayaNik's post (2nd reply) on this topic: http://digitalnomadsforum.com/viewtopic.php?f=5&t=66&p=170#p170

For WordPress, get your hands dirty! Create your own WordPress website for yourself, or maybe find someone else who needs it done for free. Along the way, you will Google how to do certain things, to make certain things work. It's fairly easy to learn yourself, and I think this hands on approach will really help you learn!

Sorry I don't really have any course recommendations, as I mentioned, never done any myself and just relied on all of the awesome free online resources. Hopefully this helps! :mrgreen:
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