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By Delftly
Hi all:) As an aspiring digital nomad myself - I have been wondering, how do people ensure there is up and constant wifi/lan internet? My job at the moment allows for short (up to around a week) periods during which I can work remotely, however last time I really had trouble finding wifi cafés with a decent network. In some countries Google search isn't an option that returns good results either - what do you usually do then? (considering that also many - but not all - ho(s)tels have as good connection as they claim on their websites. Any advice appreciated!
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By maja
with only a week i don't think you can go very far, though you may want to upgrade your hotels as i think above 3 star always have wifi, though i don't use them my self
I think if you don't have the luxury of being able to delay work untill you have solid wi-fi, it makes a lot of sense to travel to areas where you know there is consistent wi-fi. So unfortunately this might mean avoiding poor wi-fi areas. On the plus side, there is so many amazing places to travel that do have great wi-fi!

Secondly, consider getting a local sim card with some data. In many countries the data cards can be quite cheap and are an essential backup if you absolutely need to get work done at certain times because as you mentioned, sometimes good wi-fi is nowhere to be found.

Thirdly! Plan ahead, even if you're in an area with poor internet generally, make a post on our forum, or join a local digital nomad group on Facebook and ask the experienced nomads where the good internet is at.

Hope this helps! :)
In many countries in Europe, and also the US (and probably Canada) you can rely on there being at least one Starbucks or a McDonald's around the city center and at the train stations. These both usually provide free and relatively fast and stable wifi access. Train stations frequently offer it just so, too. : )

Otherwise, or additionally, depending on your time frame, I completely agree that SIM cards with an data plan are great. Europe has pretty great rates for phone and data plans, if you look around a bit. I'd recommend to always take those that only reduce your network speed to 3G after you used the full volume. It's often still strong enough and you don't pay extra ; )
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