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By aspiring digital nomad I mean someone who decided to become a digital nomad or at least to try out this lifestyle.

I think those programs are great as they allow people to travel while work remotely without the hassle of the logistics around it and having to travel by themselves. I believe most of the participants are experienced nomads who have made it or people who have managed to convince their boss to work remotely while traveling the world. Those programs offer opportunities for professional development but I'm wondering whether they actually accept people who do not have a job that allow them to work remotely and who are trying to experience this lifestyle.

I'm keen to know because a friend of mine and I have launched a similar program to those mentioned that allows anyone to travel and work remotely. The difference is that we are looking for people from various backgrounds; from experienced digital nomads to online business owners and also newbies (i.e. people who are new to this lifestyle and learning how to become a digital nomad) and are promoting peer-to-peer learning and exchange so that the newbies can learn from the experienced digital nomads.

We've designed the program while being mindful of the needs of those wanting to learn how to be a digital nomad. The destinations we've selected take the participants in a journey to becoming a digital nomad. I'd be keen to get some feedback on what you think of our program (destinations, duration, etc.). The website is http://www.wanderboss.com

So if you have done of those programs during your journey to become a digital nomad please let me know as I'd love to hear from you.
Hey Arthur,

I think you're right, most of these other programs you've mentioned seem to cater to people who are already legit digital nomads. I like your concept of giving people a taste who are still learning. I've been interested in these programs but found that my holdback is the price. My perspective is that I could afford to pay these companies for the experience, but I feel like I am able to enjoy myself more for the same amount of money or less. One of the biggest draws for me is that these programs likely provide the opportunity to really develop deep connections with a small group of people. However I feel like sticking around in one nomad hub for a while is also a way people can achieve this without a program.

Did you participate in any of these programs before founding Wanderboss?
Hi Robert,

My business partner and I did not participate in any of those programs. However, my business partner has been living as a digital nomad for a few years and experienced loneliness especially because he was working on his own business with no employees. He ended up joining coworking spaces and although it brings a sense of community he had to build relationships and a new network at every new destination he visited. The benefit of traveling in a community is that the relationships last throughout the entire journey over several destinations.

I've been living in several countries over the past 7 years, working full time for local organisations in each city I've lived in (not as a remote employee). Although this allows me to visit many places I am still limited to my 4 weeks of holiday a year so I'm looking forward to fully embrace the life as a digital nomad over the next few months.

I understand your point regarding the investment of those programs. We're actually thinking of developing an alternative offering for those are not after the ''full services option'' as they are experienced travellers and happy to take care of the logistics, finding accommodation, etc. but who would still want to take the trip with the other participants. The program cost would then be more like a membership. I'd be keen to get your thoughts on that! Let me know your thoughts!
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