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The best way I've found to meet other Digital Nomads! Invite-only

PostPosted:Tue Nov 06, 2018 10:09 pm
by lifeindigiworld
Fellow nomads, let's meet wherever you are in the world!

My backstory: When I first moved to Chiang Mai, the nomad lifestyle was devastating. I almost gave up and flew back home (to Oklahoma).

So I've basically tried all available options. Have met cool people BUT I found a new app that makes meeting people like 1000x easier, called Vibely.

It alerts us when other DN's are in the same area, so we can meetup. Everyone on it is super nice and it even shows DN hotspots. Hells yes.

It's invite-only, so the first 10 people who use my link gets in!

Leeet's meet ya'll!!