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Hey everyone,

My & my girlfriend will be travelling to Thailand starting Sep 1st 2016. I'm 24 & she's 26. We're both adventurous digital nomads. Let us know if you're interested in meeting up anytime after Sep 1st 2016 in Southeast Asia. We'll be starting in Thailand but exploring all over the place! :)

Sending good vibes.
Indefinitely! We will only be able to stay in Thailand for about 60 days after initially arriving. So afterwards we will likely travel to a neighbouring country unless we really can't stand to leave and instead we could do a border run and come back into Thailand.
Well if you have to go to Europe, Italy and Greece are super cheap if you use local websites to find the places. Any websites in english are going to be over-charging you. We are going to find a place in a small town in Italy for 200-300 euros a month.
Hi Robert

How is SE Asia ?

Where are you now? if you need any help i am pretty knowledgable on Cambodia, Thailand, Laos and Myanmar.

I am going to be in Vietnam on the 3rd October and I want to explore the Mekong Delta for one week and blog about it, if you meet anyone going that way i would appreciate the company.

Hey Tom,

It's pretty great to be honest! We've gone Bangkok > Surathani > Koh Samoi > Koh Phangnan. Our plan was to only stay a few days in Koh Phangnan but we really like it so we have stayed for almost two weeks now. Next up is Malaysia in a few days, and from there we probably want to go to Indonesia after, eventually planning to come back to Thailand to check out Chiang Mai. All of these plans could definitely change though!

If we were headed that way I would totally meet up with you, alas if I run into anyone headed your way I will mention this to them. Do you have your own blog?

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