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By MadhavaJay
I am an Australian in South America and travelling around, wondering if there are any other Digital Nomads out there who would be interested in meeting up, and potentially sharing work / accommodation and meeting some new people.

Cheers :)
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By MadhavaJay
Brazil heading to Uruguay in a few days. :)
Meeting up with another friend who is also Digital Nomading it up.
Email me: me at madhavajay dot com
Im also looking for some contract work as well if you know of any going.
iOS / Android / AI / ML would be my current preference.
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By leebee3000
I went the other way. Watch out for the crazy border at Chui / Chuy if you are going that way. The border control is several kms outside of the town and you have to get the bus to stop. ATMs are rare there too. Will drop you a mail in due course. Cheers!
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