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By Tilasmi Frigge
I am staying in Bhaktapur, Nepal, in a small apartment in the hills outside Bhaktapur. My registered company is ShanTVision PVT LTD.
If you are thinking about starting a business here, tax is 25% when your income exceeds $100,000 a year. VAT is 13% and is void when your customer is abroad. Buying plugins in the EU and US is VAT free!

I am looking across the rice fields to the jungle covered hills. There is one more room available. Rent is low. If you stay here you'll need a bicycle or a motorbike.
Aluminium bikes start from NPR 17.000.00

You can have internet is through a sim card. There are 10 GB data packages for NPR 3300 (about $35). All internet landlines here but a few are terrible slow. Also when it rains there might not be any internet.
Electricity failure happens every day. Battery's and transformers for 220V available from $70,00.

I am teaching a New Technology Class in Bhaktapur . We are offering teachers housing and living with a buddhist family.
We need old macbooks for the class. Visit our website

For more information;
New Technology Class Bhaktapur
ShanTVision PVT LTD
SEO Holland

Contact me skype:aroundtheworld.lol?call

Tilasmi Frigge
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By Tilasmi Frigge
This is the view from my balcony. It is 10 minutes from Bhaktapur centre with my royal Enfield.

The Enfield is for sale. It's a 500cc Royal Enfield with Indian plates. It is totally equipped for a trip through India. It has a Ladakh Rack, leg protection, a new piston and gearbox, two new high grip tires. Also extra headlights at street level to see the bumps better, a extra strong headlight, super loud horn, high backrest and two boxes on the back for helmet and one full of tools. It is totally ready to take two anywhere...

See the blog;
Royal Enfield 500cc on the blog Around the World Lots of Love

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By Tilasmi Frigge
This is the big test. There is no trip like this anywhere in the world. Paris - Dakar is a joke compared to Indian roads and traffic. 30% of the highways are great. Mostly empty because of the money they charge and the limit on weight of the trucks. Then 30% is bad news. Roads damaged by overloaded heavy vehicles. From top layer asphalt locally missing to enormous gaps and holes crossing the entire road. Then the rest of the highways, they are insane. It's better to label them off-road.

Then Indian traffic.... Besides the cows and dogs running on the highways, you got bicyclists, pedestrians, trucks that pushing you off the road and on top of it your daily portion of vehicles that drive on the wrong side of the road. We had our motorbike repaired everyday. From flat tire that kept on returning because of unprofessional repairs, or a sprocket that suddenly appeared to have no teeth left at all! Then the Ladakh rack that broke on several places because of the bad steel, the heavy roads and the weight of our luggage.

Here you can see the pictures of many of the repairs we had to make.

But if you survive this all and you arrive at your destination with an average milage of nearly 300 km per day driving for 10 hours a day, you imagine an epic celebration. It's for sure an achievement you can write on your CV. I think personally that if you have managed to cross India on a motorbike, you should automatically receive an international drivers licence for life. (By the way, I don't have one at all. Last time I drove a kind of motorbike was when I was 17. I had a 'Kreidler' 50 cc...)



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