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Dear all,

Hopefully someone faced the same issue and can help me with these 2 tax questions.

I am a Dutch citizen, but emigrated 2 yrs ago to Thailand for a full-time working position. Those 2 yrs I paid tax in Thailand and everything was officially arranged/closed with the Dutch tax agency the date of emigration. So everything went very legal and transparent.

Recently things got tricky: I just quit my job in Thailand and I am planning to keep traveling for the coming 2 yrs or so (not planning to stay anywhere longer than 6 months). I am planning to earn my money through an online website where I offer advice to Dutch expats based worldwide.

The big questions I have now is where to pay my tax and where to register this company????!

Some thoughts:

1. Thailand - I read they only tax you if you stay longer than 6 months in their country AND only on money physically made in the country . Also registering a company in Thailand will be a massive challenge!!
2. Netherlands - I am planning to stay there only 2 months or so per year. The customers will be Dutch, but they are expats, so are based globally.
3.Is it really necessary to register the company?

All information would be very helpful.
Hoi Peter,

You don't seem to have had much of a response here, but it's a tricky subject. I'm no expert, so I don't know if I can be much help. However, if you aren't resident in any country for more than 3 months, I don't think you will be eligible to pay taxes there. I face a similar problem myself. When I moved to the Netherlands I registered my company with the KvK and chose to pay Dutch taxes. That was two years ago. Now I'm on the move again. I was happy to continue paying Dutch taxes, but the KvK said I needed to uitschriven met mijn bedrijf because I no longer had an address in the Netherlands. I've spent some time looking into this and still have no answers, so I'm going to just keep on setting money aside (als spaargeld) so I have it if needed.

The thing is, in your case, your clients are expats. Even though they are Dutch, they probably won't be sending money from the Netherlands, so there should be nothing to muddy the water and make things overly complicated. In theory you may not have to pay taxes at all.

Actually we appear to be in the same boat. I'm an Englishman who made everything "legal and transparent" and began paying Dutch taxes—for two years. Your a Dutch man who chose to pay Thai taxes—for two years. We've both now moved on are wondering what the f@@k we're meant to do. Een beetje van een toeval, toch? :D

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