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By illyv85
Hello everyone,

I am very new to this world and while I make my mind up on which business I would like to open up, I need some clarification on taxation and the company's virtual address. How does it all work please?

I am originally from Italy but I would like to base my online business somewhere where taxes are lower. Do you know if this is possible at all and if there is a country where taxation is very low? For example, Brasil is 6% of annual revenue.
Does anybody know about Jersey?

Let's imagine that I base my company in Jersey, do I need to rent a virtual office and pay for a virtual address?

Thank you so much in advance
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By Sealion
I am pretty new too to this world, but I can tell you that after studying a bit I have decided to open my company in Hong Kong.
The reasons are:
- the incorporation process is fairly easy
- the maintenance cost of your company is also quite low
- the corporate tax can go from 0 ( you successfully claim status of offshore company) to 16.5%. It is interesting that if your company doesn't make more than 2 million HK dollar, the normal taxation is 8,25.

Downside: It is super complicated to open a bank account in HK.
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By stefano.bertocco
Hello! I'm Italian too and actually I have 2 companies in Bulgaria (10% tax).
Everything's depend on what you are planning on doing and how, because some stuff is legal and some other is not.
OFC I came here because the taxation in Italy is very bad, but also because here there are more opportunities for sure as is still less developed then central europe.

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