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By Kendal
Hello! I've worked online for several years now and have gone back and forth from the Us and france. I'm american, with a french residency and applying for citizenship soon. However what I want to find is a good place with a warm climate to buy some land or a deserted village and make it home. It would be easy in the EU if I get citizenship however taxes are high! I'm wondering how to avoid this... should I somehow get residency in a place like Chile or Panama? Is that possible? How can I set myself up so that I can build a home wherever I want but not have half my income taken away by Europe or the US?
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By Kendal
Oh yes, I've heard of that! Or at least the business thing they've set up... I'll go check it out right now. However, for sorting out taxes and where you're really legally obliged to pay taxes, is there a service or tax consulting agency that can help one sort out a plan? For instance, my friend is English and spends most of his time at his parents in England, however he owns a home in France, which he was just told makes him liable for French income taxes since it's the only property he owns... it seems to be complicated, sometimes based on where you own a home, sometimes on where you spend the most time, etc... I'm also not sure if I can have two residencies at once (I have a French residency right now). Thanks!
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By Kendal
Robert O'Kruk wrote:Check out the Estonian E Residency - https://e-resident.gov.ee/

I'm checking it out but still not quite sure how it's helpful with taxation. It definitely seems to be an easy way to run a company, though. But the e-residency and e-business part... it seems like you can still get taxed in France, for instance, if that's where you and your laptop are located and doing the work, if you have no Estonian presence to make it tax resident in Estonia.

What I'm thinking I need to do is find a place where I can open a business and bank account for the business where it's got low tax rates and easy filing, where it doesn't matter where the work is being done from, but it will be taxed in the country it's located in. Then I would need a residency somewhere that doesn't require your presence there very often (I believe Panama just wants you to check in once a year, for example...), and also has a low income-tax rate, and once I have EU citizenship I could live anywhere in the EU... I assume as long as I keep an apartment in the place with low taxation that I'm legally resident or something, I would be taxed there, and not the country I may be in with the higher tax rate. Thoughts? And then there's the whole IRS issue but maybe I'll give up US citizenship...
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By Kendal
Well I was looking at their website and it was saying that your company could still be taxed in another country if you don't have any ties to Estonia, if nobody in your company is working in Estonia, etc... they had a whole little graphic to help you figure out where you would owe taxes or if you'd get double taxed... so I tried to figure out France's tax system... I think I'd just still be taxed in France. But I don't know. I need a professional! lol
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