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I'm not sure if this is the correct place to ask, but the legal thread didn't seem to have anything on the subject...

Is there anyone on here here that is operating as a US company (LLC) but not a resident in the US?

Here's my situation:

Firstly I'm not quite yet a nomad, (working on it!) However, I do work remotely as a US expat who has been living in the UK for the last 15 years (dual citizen). Most of this time, I've been running a successful freelance business as a limited company doing all business in the UK.

But now, I have just landed a (big) client in the US who has asked that they pay me in US dollars to a US account (which I'll then need to transfer to my UK account). I'm OK with this as it sets me up for one day moving back to the US.....

My plan was to conduct the business as a US entity and set up an LLC. I understand the tax liabilities, however I am wondering how it works to be trading as an LLC but NOT actually being resident in the US?

Is there anything that says you have to be IN the US to have a trading account there? My guess is not b/c everyone seems to be working remotely. But I am wondering if there are any special requirements for this under US tax law?

Any help or pointers would be immensely appreciated!

Thanks in advance.

Hey Kelly,

While I don't know the answer off the top of my head, I would just reach out to the company that you will open your trading account through (or any companies who do this). If you let me know what kind of trading account you're trying to open, I can ask my old roommate who's a stockbroker for the American market. He works with TD Watergate and helps people with their trading accounts, so I bet he would know!

My guess though! As long as your paying taxes as if an American resident on the profits earned (if any) then you should be fine. Just a guess!
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