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I am an Australian citizen working for an Australian company and I would like to work remotely in some other countries for short stints of 3-6 weeks.

From what I've read I believe I would continue to pay tax+ super to the Australian government as I do currently (while workin in aus).

My question - do I have any tax, super or other financial responsibilities to the country where I am working? I have been told that some countries may require a super contrib, is anyone able to point me in the direction of any literature on this topic?

You will find it difficult to find official literature on this topic. I will tell you that 90% of digital nomads visit countries on tourist visas and work only paying taxes on this income in their home countries. I believe this is because most if not all countries have not really adapted their visa laws to work with digital nomads. This is technically illegal, but it is what's happening.
Companies don't have responsibility for how freelancers file their taxes. They do have responsibilities to pay appropriate taxes to the government if they are an employee and they are paying them salary/wages (different the freelancer invoices). I have never heard of anyone being caught but I imagine some people have gotten into trouble.

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