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I'm looking to chat with other Americans who are digital nomads or simply expats and curious what your tax structures are and why. My main concern is doing things right and after spending countless hours researching and talking to various attorneys/international tax guys, there isn't a straightforward answer.

Looking to connect with others in the same situation.
A buddy of mine who's just started the nomad life and who is also American has researched this matter quite a bit. Apparently, as long as you don't stay for over a month in the States, you don't have to declare your international income there. If you can get TAX residency elsewhere, you can pay taxes in that place. Note that tax residency and physical residency are not necessarily the same. Also, if your income exceeds a certain amount (~ $250K annually), you'll need to pay taxes the US regardless. In that case, you may want to consider renouncing your citizenship...

I hope that helps.
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