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What's the best travel insurance for Digital Nomads? It's your body, your stuff, and your well-being. Protect it!
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By stacylaughs
The best travel insurance I've had and used is World Nomads:

They service more than 150 countries, and I feel like they're reasonably priced. In my case, they covered a hospital emergency room visit and their customer service was a breeze to work with by phone and email.

Some people might argue that you don't need travel insurance, and while I don't always buy it and I rarely have needed it, I think it's one of those lessons that you would probably learn the hard way if you didn't have it (and needed it). I guess I'm telling you to do what I say and not what I always do. haha

Would love to hear if people agree or disagree, and of course, if there are any other recommendations people have.
I found Travel Cuts https://buy.travelinsurance.ca/TravelInsurance.aspx as the cheapest option for people who only want emergency medical insurance. I had some minor food related illness while in Malaysia which involved a couple doctor visits and some prescription drugs. Their customer services kind of sucks to be honest.

Took me more than 30+ minutes to get ahold of someone on the phone when I was calling to determine if my next hospital visit would be covered. I called while I was still sick and felt like dying, so waiting this long in potentially what could have been an emergency situation was frustrating. In the end it seems like my costs will be covered, but the paperwork is such a pain in the ass that I might just pay for it myself because it's not a lot of money. Maybe $75 CAD. Not to mention I need to physically mail some forms in, it's 2016 for heavens sake!

Anyways, these complaints probably mean nothing in the grand scheme of things if they end of covering an expensive emergency medical experience. I'm pretty sure almost every insurance provided has pain in the ass paperwork, maybe varying levels of customer service though.
Currently searching for a travel insurance. WorldNomads is quite popular, but unfortunately it's way too expensive for me. Thanks for sharing your experience with Traval Cuts Robert! Will surely check it out. Cheers. :)

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