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I am a US citizen traveling for a year abroad while I work remotely for my company in the US.

I started my trip in UK and had thought it would be easy to get through immigration. I have had no trouble getting through other countries in Europe. They have just stamped my passport and let me through.

While it wasn't much trouble the Immigration Officer in the UK did ask me tons of questions. She seemed especially confused that I didn't really have any concrete plans beyond the first week (staying in London) and had no airplane ticket to fly out of the UK. Also seemed unsure as to how I was able to travel if I was employed in the US.
I wasn't really sure if I should tell her that I was going to be working remotely because I was not sure what the work limitations on a tourist visa are.

Only after I actually showed her my bank account (with more than enough funds to pay for the 4 week entry I was asking for) did she let me through. She actually ended up giving me a 6 month permission to stay. I left after 3 weeks but am thinking of going back into the UK and not exactly sure how I should approach questions from Immigration again.

So anyways long story short - my question is what is the general practice when asked by immigration ? Do you recommend sharing the fact that you will be working remote for an American company while you travel? Any recommendations/experiences to share on this front?
If you share that you plan to work remotely you will probably be denied entry if you do not have a business related visa (this is true all over the world). For the vast majority of digital nomads they enter countries without mentioning that they plan to work.
Yep, I wouldn't mention any work which you may, or may not have to do during your holiday.
If you have a tax residence, Id just give that or similar as your "residence".

Simple answers are best. Immigration officers are just paper pushers and are getting automated and replaced with machines. So don't go off-piste with your responses or they will crash and need rebooting :)

Just give simple logical and correct answers within the narrow realm they are expecting.

I have tried before to do the same and answer that I live nowhere and all it got me was major delays and ended up they just wanted where I "resided" so either tax "residence" or previous "residence".

Ideally, you should have right of residence in the place you gave as your answer.
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